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using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
namespace Rebus
/// <summary>
/// Implement this in order to delegate the instantiation work to your
/// IoC container. Seriously, do it.
/// </summary>
public interface IActivateHandlers
/// <summary>
/// Should get a sequence of handlers where each handler implements
/// the <see cref="IHandleMessages{TMessage}"/> interface.
/// </summary>
IEnumerable<IHandleMessages<T>> GetHandlerInstancesFor<T>();
/// <summary>
/// Is called after each handler has been invoked. Please note that this method
/// will be called for all handlers - i.e. if you add more handlers to the pipeline
/// in the Filter method of <see cref="IInspectHandlerPipeline"/>, this method will
/// be called for those additional handlers as well. This, in turn, allows you to
/// implement <see cref="IInspectHandlerPipeline"/>, supplying your implementation
/// of <see cref="IActivateHandlers"/> to that implementation, allowing any manually
/// pulled handler instances to be released in the right way.
/// </summary>
void Release(IEnumerable handlerInstances);
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