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< 0.31.0

  • Made Rebus - BAM!1


  • Changed batch API to use IEnumerable instead of params object[] because the params thing could easily blur which would actually end up as a logical message.


  • Made Rebus control bus messages [Serializable] because for some reason BinaryFormatter just likes it that way - applying the attribute makes instances of the class MUCH more serializable.


  • Updated RabbitMQ client dependency


  • Fixed handling of exceptions when committing user-provided unit(s) of work


  • IEnumerable/Add API on SagaFixture
  • SQL index on saga_id in saga index table


  • Re-introduced automatic error queue creation when using RabbitMQ


  • Fixed bug in NLogLoggerFactory that would try to use RebusConfigurer as a logger (?!)


  • Added ability to customize max retries for specific exception types


  • Removed (default) transaction scope around message handlers, made it configurable with .Behavior(b => b.HandleMessagesInsideTransactionScope())
  • Added hybrid saga persister that can use different concrete persisters depending on the type of saga data


  • Added (finally!) an icon for NuGet to display along with all Rebus packages
  • New and improved Azure Service Bus topic-based transport implementation


  • Better error handling when deferring messages
  • Fixed bug with RabbitMQ transport that would result in exchange and error queue declaration too early, thus not adhering to customizations made by calling on the Rabbit MQ options


  • Fixed bug in SQL saga persister and SQL subscription storage because SqlConnection is not nice enough to set the Transaction property when creating commands


  • Fixed bug in InMemorySagaPersister that would not use the proper JSON serializer settings when deserializing


  • Improved error reporting in case of exceptions while attempting to send all kinds of messages


  • Added ability to let a special correlation ID header automatically flow to all outgoing messages when it is present


  • Added ability to provide correlation ID on all outgoing messages automatically in cases where none was supplied from elsewhere ('elsewhere' being either explicitly specified or flowing from the current message context)


  • Added configuration extension for Log4Net that will automatically set the correlation ID property on the ThreadContext


  • Made JSON serializer handle encoding properly when deserializing messages
  • Added Rebus.Async that extends Rebus with the ability to register reply handlers inline


  • 1st go at implementing a SQL Server-based transport - can be used if you don't have MSMQ available on your machines
  • Fixed glitch in error handling while doing any kind of send that threw an exception without including the inner exception


  • Better handling of errors (i.e. DON'T IGNORE ERRORS) when MSMQ receive fails
  • Optimization of SQL Server transport
  • Fixed hard-to-find bug in how SqlServerMessageQueue would associate commands with the ongoing SqlTransaction


  • Added transport performance showdown


  • Only one SQL roundtrip to receive a message
  • API to configure whether outgoing RabbitMQ messages should be persistent


  • Special username header will flow like correlation ID if it is present


  • Behavior option to allow for impersonating a proper user when the user name header is present on handled messages


  • Updated Mongo stuff to use 1.8.1 driver and no deprecated APIs


  • Update Mongo to 1.8.2 because that's the most recent version of the driver... duh!


  • Added to SqlServerMessageQueue the ability to receive messages in prioritized order.


  • Broke the Log4Net configuration API - sorry! But now it just adds the correlation ID to the thread context by default (i mean, why would you NOT do that?)


  • Fixed constantly generated warning in timeout manager - thx hagbarddenstore


  • Added ability to compress message bodies as well.


  • Timeout manager SQL persistence oddity fixed: Explicit bigint PK instead of compound thing that could potentially lead to missed timeouts - thx krivin
  • IStartableBus API extended with the ability to specify number of workers - thx krivin


  • Added ability to use custom encoding with the built-in JSON serializer


  • Upgraded RabbitMQ client dependency to 3.1


  • Fixed logging when unit of work commit fails - should always be logged as a USER exception
  • Fixed bug where adding custom headers could result in leaking memory in the form of numerous (dead) weak references


  • Updated RabbitMQ dep to 3.1.5


  • Rebus now always adds a unique Rebus Transport ID in the headers upon sending a message. This ID will stay the same when message is deferred, forwarded or sent to error queue.
  • RabbitMQ transport uses the Rebus Transport ID as it's message ID, if it is not set otherwise
  • RabbitMQ transport now initializes the input queue when subscribing - relevant if subscribe is called before receive


  • Updated Log4Net dependency to 2.0.1 (BEWARE: It appears that the Log4Net public key has changed since previous version!!)
  • Azure transport can now be configured in one-way client mode


  • Avoid warning when disposing one-way Azure transport


  • Added ability for RabbitMQ transport to NOT create the error queue. This way, the Rebus errorQueue setting just becomes the topic under which failed messages will be published.


  • Fixed race condition bug when using RabbitMQ auto-delete input queue and subscribing on another thread after having started the bus


  • Added ability for Azure Service Bus transport to actually use MSMQ when connection string is UseDevelopmentStorage=true


  • Fixed bug where RabbitMQ transport would leak channels when used e.g. in combination with MSMQ in order to "bridge" from a MSMQ bus environment to a RabbitMQ environment


  • Azure Service Bus transport now automatically creates the error queue


  • Changed order of operations in MsmqMessageQueue that could lead to using an invalid transaction in rare circumstances
  • Made all saga persisters treat null as a proper value, thus ensuring that saga data can be inserted, updated, and found with null in a correlation property


  • Use hybrid stash model for transaction context, allowing it to overcome thread discontinuity in ASP.NET and WCF - thanks jasperdk
  • Optimized data structure for attached headers by doing a hash code-based pre-lookup before searching for WeakReference target match


  • Queue transaction failures are now properly caught and will be waited out when possible
  • Increased Azure transport backoff times when throttling is detected


  • When delivery tracking (i.e. the tracking of message IDs across multiple delivery attempts) times out, a WARN used to be logged. That is now an INFO because this scenario will be very common when running a set of workers as competing consumers
  • Catch-and-rethrow TargetInvocationExceptions in message dispatch, and do some trickery to preserve the stack trace.
  • The new catch-and-rethrow strategy allowed for properly including message IDs in the new MessageHandleException which is raised when a message cannot be handled.


  • Sent messages are no longer logged at INFO level. Both sent and received messages are now logged at DEBUG level by calling ToString on the logical message in a logger called MessageLogger
  • Dispose MSMQ messages after use - thanks dev4ce


  • Fix that makes changelog 0.50.0 around ToString actually true


  • Made timeout manager log internal errors properly - first as warnings, and if the problem persists for 1 minute it will be logged as an error
  • Removed useless ON [PRIMARY] file group directives from SQL schema generation scripts


  • Catch exception occurring while attempting to preserve the stack trace of a caught exception inside a TargetInvocationException. This will most likely be caused by the absence of a proper exception serialization constructor, which is really dumb - oh, and thanks to the Unity container crew for making me realize how silly the need for serialization constructors is


  • Updated NLog to 2.1.0


  • Azure Service Bus transport: Set MaxDeliveryCount to 1000 to effectively disable built-in dead-lettering (because Rebus handles poison messages)
  • Azure Service Bus transport: Peek lock defaults to 5 minutes (which is max)
  • Azure Service Bus transport: Make an Action available in the message context under the AzureServiceBusMessageQueue.AzureServiceBusRenewLeaseAction key to allow for renewing the peek lock when performing long-running operations


  • Avoid ending up overflowing the stack if Console.WriteLine fails


  • Change SqlServerSagaPersister and SqlServerSubscriptionStorage to use the same ConnectionHolder as SqlServerMessageQueue
  • Removed the hack that could automatically dig the SqlTransaction out of a SqlConnection (because it did not work all the time)
  • Clean up a few things inside AzureServiceBusMessageQueue
  • Added test to verify a scenario involving AzureServiceBusMessageQueue and SqlServerSagaPersister


  • Nudged order of disposal and logging inside Azure Service Bus transport
  • Warning when sending > 90 messages with Azure Service Bus transport + InvalidOperationException when > 100 (because of a limitation in Azure Service bus)


  • XmlSubscriptionStorage automatically creates directory pointed to by the subscription XML file path - thanks hagbarddenstore
  • Made the Rabbit transport throw out its subscription and underlying model when an end-of-stream is detected


  • Nothing changed - pushed new version because had a seisure the other day and 0.54.3 wasn't properly uploaded


  • Fixed SqlServerSubscriptionStorage to be able to work when publishing within a TransactionScope when it manages the connection by itself - thanks jasperdk


  • Added load balancer NuGet package


  • Fixed logging in load balancer


  • Made ConsoleLoggerFactory public so it can be used e.g. from processes hosting the load balancer



  • Fixed Rabbit transport nuspec


  • Added ability to configure queue polling backoff strategy to low-latency mode - thanks hagbarddenstore


  • Don't make so many DEBUG logging statements while backing off


  • Tweaked ASB transport so that send batching kicks in only when there's 100 or more messages to send
  • Fixed it so that the error log on a tracked message has the local time (i.e. machine time) as its timestamp, and not UTC


  • Fixed it so that the MarkedAsComplete event is raised also when a piece of saga data was never persisted - before, it was tied to the Deleted event from the persister, which you not be raised if the saga data was not persistent.
  • Made Rebus Timeout Service create a service dependency on local SQL Server/MongoDB if the connection is local. This way, services will be started/stopped in the right order. Thanks caspertdk
  • Fixed it so that headers attached to deferred messages are preserved when roundtripping the timeout manager.


  • Added 'CorrelationId' thread-local context variable to NLog logger, similar to how it's done with the Log4Net logger.


  • Fixed AttachHeader bug in FakeBus.


  • Fixed bug when working with automatic TransactionScope and sagas persisted in SQL Server - thanks jasperdk


  • Made SQL Server saga persister behave more like expected by skipping null-valued properties in the saga index.


  • Fixed but in SQL Server saga persister that could result in malformed SQL when there are no correlation properties at all.


  • Made it configurable whether null-valued correlation properties should be included in the inde with SQL Server saga persister.


  • Added to RavenDB saga persister the ability to obtain the current session from the outside, thereby allowing you to make the saga work part of the same RavenDB transaction that you're working in.


  • Fixed leakage of SQL connections (and other potential issues) when using ambient transactions - thanks mgayeski


  • Added several Subscribe/Unsubscribe overloads to IRebusRouting so you can bus.Advanced.Routing.Subscribe(someMessageType) if you want


  • Added file system-based transport. Please do not use this one for your really important messages.
  • Fixed MSMQ transaction leak - thanks jasperdk


  • Updated MongoDB driver dependency to 1.9


  • Added ability to configure JSON serializer to serialize enums with their string representations - thanks maeserichar


  • Updated StructureMap dependency to 3.0 - thanks fritsduus



  • Fixed it so that inner exceptions are included when a SqlException causes saga persister to not be able to insert.
  • Added Postgres persisters for sagas, subscriptions, and timeouts - thanks hagbarddenstore


  • Added ability for RabbitMQ transport to publish to different exchanges instead of different routing keys - thanks pruiz
  • Limit message body size to 32 MB for RabbitMQ transport because publishing larger messages can destabilize the server.


  • Added additional routing options with RabbitMQ - endpoints can now be adressed on several forms: topic, @exchange, and topic@exchange - thanks pruiz


  • Removed MSMQ error queue existence check when queue is remote (because it can't be done, and because it doesn't make sense for remote queues)
  • Added ability for saga persisters to provide the ability to update more than one saga instance for an incoming message, by implementing ICanUpdateMultipleSagaDatasAtomically - thanks PeteProgrammer


  • Made all batch operations obsolete so that you'll get a compiler warning if you use them.


  • Added container adapter for SimpleInjector - thanks oguzhaneren


  • Fix problem when trying to send Multicast message to error queue - thanks maeserichar


  • Fixed vulnerability that could lead to executing arbitrary SQL statements by injecting it in a correlation property on a saga message when using SQL Server and PostgreSQL saga persisters.


  • Fixed bug that could result in not automatically binding the error queue topic to the error queue when using RabbitMQ
  • Update MongoDB driver dependency to 1.9.2
  • Fixed error in build script that did not build the Serilog project. Also fixed it so that Rebus.Serilog is .NET 4 like the rest of Rebus.


  • Ensure declaration of exchange when using OneExchangePerType - thanks maeserichar


  • Fixed SQL Server schema creation issue where querying sys.tables would give an error if the database's current collation results in case sensitive table names - thanks tiipe


  • Made SQL Server subscription storage & saga persister API accept connection string names (just like the SQL transport config) - thanks tiipe


  • Allow for specifying the messages table name on the SQL Server transport - thanks tiipe
  • Modified SQL server-based persistence things to accept connection string names as well - thanks tiipe
  • Fixed subtle bug that would not remove the saga context from the current message context's items - thanks dimajanzen


  • Added auditing capability - endpoints can now send a copy of the transport message to an audit queue whenever they have been successfully handled or published (which is the only two times when messages "disappear" - when handling a message, it "disappears", and when publishing to 0 subscribers, it also "disappears"). This can provide the basis for advanced tooling later on, e.g. for tracking correlation across systems, for gathering statistics etc. For now, go audit your messages - more tools will follow :)


  • Updated RabbitMQ dependency - thanks maxx1337
  • This version DOES NOT WORK because of the merge bug fixed in 0.75.0


  • Upgraded to .NET 4.5 !!
  • IHandleMessagesAsync introduced - allows for having async message handlers
  • Fixed container adapters to correctly handle resolving async message handlers - thanks arneeiri
  • This version DOES NOT WORK because of the merge bug fixed in 0.75.0


  • Fixed bug that would not allow for configuring and starting a bus without an XML configuration section.
  • This version DOES NOT WORK because of the merge bug fixed in 0.75.0


  • Fixed merge bug that made published Rebus core assembly unusable!


  • Fixed container adapter registration bug that would make it impossible to have IMessageContext injected into more than one handler in the pipeline. Also ensures that the container does not dispose the message context.


  • Change SQL Server subscription storage command to be truly idempotent - thanks tobiaxor


  • Auto-subscribing extension on IBus - thanks seankearon
  • Updated Azure Service Bus dependency to 2.5.4


  • Improved Serilog integration


  • Made PoisonMessageInfo ctor public so that the IErrorTracker can actually be implemented outside of Rebus - thanks bchavez


  • Added extension that allows for composing a chain-of-responsiblity-like way of determining message ownership - thanks DixonD-git
  • Introduced a little bit of structure in the Rebus.Extensions package - might not be the final way, but it should do for now



  • Fixed DryIoc nuget package


  • Changed IStoreTimeouts API to return a DueTimeoutsResult instead of an IEnumerable<DueTimeout>
  • Made SqlServerTimeoutStorage grab row locks on found due timeouts, allowing for "competing timeout consumers"


  • Changed default encoding of outgoing messages to be UTF8 instead of UTF7 when using the built-in JSON serializer
  • Added NewtonsoftJsonMessageSerializer that is honest about its dependency on Newtonsoft JSON.NET and thus lets you customize the serialization settings - thanks joshua5822


  • Support async initiation of sagas via IAmInitiatedByAsync<> - thanks AndreaCuneo


  • Support for idempotent sagas via the Rebus.IdempotentSagas packages - thanks pruiz


  • Updated MongoDB stuff to work with MongoDB 3/WiredTiger - thanks caspertdk


  • Updated Serilog dep - thanks tiipe


  • Fixed concurrent message send in file system transport - thanks mgibas


  • Made Azure Service Bus transport stop the peek lock renewal timer when the transaction context goes into the commit/rollback/cleanup phase. Seems more right, and it avoids a pesky race that could result in confusing MessageLockLostExceptions if the message would happen to be successfully completed right before attempting to renew the peek lock.


  • Refactored most of Rebus! NOTE: (very) breaking change!! - 0.90.0 version series will function as ALPHA and BETA of what will become Rebus 2.0.0
  • Introduced pipelines for message send and receive
  • New configuration API based on Injectionist
  • Simpler transaction handling, simpler ITransport abstration
  • Idempotent sagas
  • Several new integrations: Jil, Azure Storage Queues, Amazon SQS
  • Async to the core! (i.e. remember to bus.Send(yourMessage).Wait() if you cannot await bus.Send(yourMessage))
  • Routing based on topics - type-based routing ("Rebus Classic") is just a subset of this
  • Batching features completely removed
  • In-memory transport can be used for in-process communication and testing
  • Ground laid for more advanced control of Rebus internals, e.g. to implement auto-scaling of number of workers, diagnostics, etc.
  • Tests refactored to make it much much easier to introduce new implementations based on contract tests


  • Added TransactionScope support via the Rebus.TransactionScope package (note: requires at least .NET 4.5.1 for TransactionScopeAsyncFlowOption.Enabled to be there)


  • Added ability to storage subscriptions in a JSON file


  • Added RavenDB persistence for subscriptions and timeouts - thanks mclausen


  • Added experimental legacy compatility option (.Options(o => o.EnableLegacyCompatibility()))


  • Made MSMQ transport work better in legacy mode


  • Added ability to use external timeout manager


  • Added some more headers to audited messages
  • Added PostgreSQL persistence


  • Added pub/sub support to legacy compatibility mode
  • Changed AzureServiceBusTransport to work with topics when doing pub/sub which then avoids having to configure subscription storage when working with Azure Service Bus


  • Separated error tracking out behind IErrorTracker interface, allowing for e.g. keeping error counts in a database somewhere, thus allowing for multiple parallel workers to not exceed maximum delivery attempts
  • Added ability to auto-add headers to outgoing messages by using [Header("some_headers", "some_value")]


  • Changed SQL persistence to work with IDbConnectionProvider as originally intended - thanks MrMDavidson
  • Made Azure Service Bus transport use the native message deferral mechanism
  • Made Azure Storage Queues transport use the native message deferral mechanism


  • Made SQL Server transport use a visible field in the database to implement message deferral (warning: schema change)


  • Fixed RabbitMQ NuGet dependency to explicitly depend on 3.5.4 because silly NuGet will default to the lowest version and that does not play well with strong naming and actually having versions on assemblies


  • Fixed RabbitMQ transport bug that would create wrong queue bindings - please update to this version :)


  • Changed SqlTransport to use the cryptic DELETE OUTPUT style query yielding ~ 10 times performance improvement - thanks MrMDavidson for a very well-documented PR :)


  • Added one-way client mode + appropriate configuration extensions for all transports but Amazon SQS (it requires some more work)


  • Updated MongoDB driver dependency to 2.0.1 and rewrote MongoDB persistence to take advantage of async/await - thanks kevbite


  • Made the type-based pub/sub API default and moved the raw string-based topic API into bus.Advanced.Topics


  • Re-introduced the previous Azure Service Bus implementation that relied only on queues to work - can be used with the Azure Service Bus Basic tier


  • Moved the explicit routing function to an advanced routing API
  • Added saga data snapshotting + snapshot storages for SQL Server and MongoDB
  • Updated Newtonsoft JSON.NET dep to 7.0.1
  • Added file system-based saga snapshot storage


  • Change RabbitMQ transport to allow for using Rabbit's native pub/sub capabilities, thus removing the need for a subscription storage


  • Updated SimpleInjector dependency to 3.0.1
  • Added saga auditing mechanism that can output mutations to the log
  • Added file system transport
  • Updated Azure Service Bus dependency to 3.0.1
  • Updated Azure Storage dep to 5.0.0


  • Set message label on sent MSMQ messages (is shown in MSMQ tools like Rebus Snoop etc.)


  • Added transport message routing capability


  • Made disposal of resources more consistent (still not entirely consistent though, depends on importance)


  • Added IsNew property to Saga base class allowing saga handlers to easily determine whether the instance is new


  • Added one-way client mode for Amazon SQS transport


  • Added "per Rebus message" lifestyle to Windsor container configuration extensions


  • Added simple 2nd level retries mechanism
  • Added ability to forward the current transport message (optionally supplying some extra headers)
  • Added configurable idle time backoff strategy


  • Fixed bug that could result in double-resolving handler instances with Ninject, Castle Windsor, and Unity because of a lazy-evaluated IEnumerable


  • Fixed MSMQ remote queue path formatting


  • Extended built-in handler activator with Register overloads that allow for registering handler factory functions that accept IMessageContext and (IBus, IMessageContext) as arguments


  • Added IMessageContext.AbortDispatch() which aborts dispatch of the current message to any handlers following the one currently being executed.


  • Added ability to mark saga data as unchanged by calling MarkAsUnchanged() on the saga handler.


  • Inject loggers. Will remove static logging things later.
  • Allow for enabling partitioning with Azure Service Bus transports
  • Changed Azure Service Bus transports to use streams as the message body to avoid silly XML-wrapping - thanks meyce
  • Updated WindowsAzure.ServiceBus dependency to 3.0.4
  • Updated WindowsAzure.Storage dependency to 6.0.0


  • Added Serilog log event enricher + configuration extension for including Rebus' correlation ID in log events
  • Added custom NLog layout renderer that outputs the correlation ID of the message currently being handled in the ${rebus-correlation-id} variable


  • Fixed NLog nuget dependency


  • Access to more useful information on Failed<TMessage>


  • Added no-inlining jit directive to the Windsor package's AutoRegisterHandlersFromThisAssembly method because it looks like handlers are sometimes not picked up as they should


  • Replaced Windsor's assembly-scanning with manual scan


  • Set correlation ID, content type, and label properties on brokered messages with Azure Service Bus transport


  • Limit length of header values used when using Azure Service Bus transport


  • Fixed it so that delivery will not be retried indefinitely on commit exceptions


  • Changed RabbitMQ routing to use two exchanges: one for direct addressing, and one for pub/sub messaging. This way, "clean" RabbitMQ topics can be subscribed to and then used when publishing, allowing for subscribing to topics using wildcards.


  • Fixed nuspec on StructureMap package, made SimpleInjector package dependency version criteria more tolerant, and updated the Unity dependency to v 4


  • Added ability to immediately forward messages on certain exception types (optionally when those exceptions satisfy some predicate)


  • Added LightInject container adapter - thanks puzsol


  • Added DryIoc container adapter - thanks dadhi


  • General handling of receive errors by logging as warning


  • Changed back to logging full exception details in the final ERROR log event


  • Added EnlistRebus option to Rebus.TransactionScopes, allowing for easily enlisting an ambient Rebus transaction in an ambient .NET transaction


  • Added IBus API overloads for Subscribe and Unsubscribe that accept a Type as a parameter - thanks gertjvr
  • Fixed ExpiredMessagesCleanup warning because of locked rows when handling message for a long time with the SQL Server transport
  • Introduced rbs2-defer-recipient header to designate the queue to deliver the message to when it returns - allows for doing request/reply with a defer in the middle without losing the return address (which must be transferred manually, though, unless you bus.Advanced.TransportMessage.Defer)
  • Crude attempt at allowing for sagas to resolve their conflicts by overriding ResolveConflict


  • Fixed bug that would fail saga data auditing when the message could not be correlated with a saga data instance


  • Fixed Rebus' SimpleInjector container adapter registrations to be able to resolve IMessageContext as part of the container's verification process


  • Fixed bug in Amazon SQS transport that would silently ignore errors when sending messages - thanks gertjvr


  • Small changes to Rebus' TransactionScope enlistment support


  • Added RavenDB saga persister - thanks bjomi


  • Fixed it so that SQL Server transport does not start the background "expired messages cleanup" task when it is a one-way client


  • Fixed bug in in-mem saga storage that would accidentally enforce uniqueness of correlation properties across saga data types


  • Fixed options configuration API to be more consistent and thus less prone to confusion - thanks xenoputtss
  • Added experimental unit of work API


  • Fixed bug in RavenDB saga persister - thanks bjomi and jsvahn
  • Fixed bug in Injectionist that could lead to resolve instances sometimes now being properly initialized/disposed


  • Added Wire serializer


  • Automatically set correlation property on newly initiated saga data when possible (we try to do it when there's one single correlation property for the message, and ignore failure to do so)


  • Fixed Rebus.MongoDb package (nuspec was lying about its MongoDB driver dependency)


  • Removed hardcoded region settings in purge operation with SQS transport - thanks gertjvr
  • Better error message when attempting to complete a message whose lock has been lost with ASB


  • Added unit of work guards and fixed bug that would result in exceptions when providing no rollback/cleanup action when using the async version


  • Fixed logging of the configured region with Amazon SQS transport - thanks gertjvr
  • Added experiment in-process hosting of OWIN endpoints via the Rebus.Owin package


  • Fixed bug where an exception thrown while correlating an incoming message with a saga would not be included as inner exception - thanks mortenherman


  • Made small improvements to Rebus.Async (added timeout option + added ability to remove abandoned replied when their age exceeds a configurable threshold)


  • Fixed bug that caused the Azure Service Bus transport to not be properly initialized when using the "Basic" tier - thanks torangel


  • Added Protobuf serializer
  • Much improved error message when sending to non-existent queue with Azure Service Bus
  • Changed Failed<TMessage> to be IFailed<TMessage> (and thus an interface) in order to make it covariant
  • Added Wire serializer configuration extensions


  • Fixed subtle unintented behavior so that messages inherited from an initiating type can initiate sagas too
  • Enabled true polymorphic correlation


  • Fixed saga correlation bus introduced in 0.99.37


  • Brough back FakeBus - an implementation of IBus that records everything that happens to it as events which you may query during the assert-phase of your tests
  • Added SagaFixture to ease saga testing


  • Added correlation sequence number as an auto-flowing header too - can be used to deduce causation
  • Fixed bug that could accidentally overwrite the ID of a saga because of the nice auto-setter behavior


  • Fixed RavenDB subscription and timeout storage


  • Fixed bug in Rebus' protobuf serializer that caused it to be unable to serialize Rebus' control bus messages


  • Updated StructureMap dependency to - thanks dougkwilson
  • Made isolation level and timeout configurable when using the TransactionScope support extension


  • Added option for Azure Service Bus transport to skip queue creation to make it possible to use a read-only SAS key instead of a connection string with manage rights - thanks torangel
  • Made due timeouts poll interval configurable
  • Made RavenDB subscription storage much more tolerant towards concurrency exceptions when topic documents are experiencing contention


  • Added ability to set up fake saga data in SagaFixture
  • Added method to clear recorded events of FakeBus


  • Better error behavior when deferring a message from a one-way client without setting the defer-recipient


  • Moved defer-recipient header check to the pipeline, giving other pipeline steps a chance to set it


  • Don't rethrow ResolutionException inside another ResolutionException in case of configuration errors - the stack trace reveals the call stack so nicely, there's no need to have 10 layers of exceptions too
  • Marked topic-based routing configuration API as obsolete (type-based routing is perfectly capable of using raw topics if you like)
  • Added fallback capability to the router (i.e. the ability to configure an endpoint that is used when none of the mappings match)
  • Fixed bug in retry strategy step that could accidentally keep tracked message IDs for too long
  • Prohibit sending IFailed<TMessage> anywhere (because it is most likely an error)


  • Fixed concurrency issues in RavenDB saga storage - remember to use optimistic concurrency regardless of the configuration of the document store


  • Updated RabbitMQ dependency to 3.6.1
  • Updated Newtonsoft JSON.NET dependency to 8.0.3 across the board
  • Implemented ability for RabbitMQ transport to skip exchange and queue declarations as well as input queue bindings
  • Renamed Rebus.AzureStorageQueues NuGet package to Rebus.AzureStorage because it has integration things for Azure storage
  • Made RabbitMQ transport automatically declare & bind destination queues when they're used the first time (to avoid sending a message into nowhere)


  • Moved .UseExternalTimeoutManager(...) configuration method to the .Timeouts(t => ...) configurer because it more natural
  • Added ability for JSON file-based subscription storage to be centralized
  • Updated Azure Service Bus dependency to 3.2.0


  • Extended polymorphic saga correlation to make proper use of implemented interfaces too


  • Real pause (5 s) when the next transport message cannot be received
  • Added ability to configure worker shutdown timeout to allow for longer-running tasks to finish - thanks Rzpeg


  • Changed timeout settings on Azure Service Bus transport to respect the setting from the connection string - thanks Rzpeg
  • Changed RabbitMQ transport to use QueueingBasicConsumer instead of polling - thanks Hangsolow
  • Separated encryption algorithm out into injectable and thus configurable IEncryptor service - thanks zabulus
  • Added data bus feature with data storages for SQL Server, the file system, and in-mem (for testing)
  • Fixed issue with high disk activity when using MSMQ


  • Added ability to specify custom client properties with RabbitMQ


  • Updated LightInject to 4.0.9
  • Updated StructureMap to
  • Updated DryIoC to 2.5.0
  • Updated Serilog to 1.5.14
  • Updated NLog to 4.3.4
  • Updated Log4net to 2.0.5
  • Updated RavenDB client to 3.0.30115
  • Added ability to explicitly configure in-mem subscription storage
  • Added ability for in-mem subscription storage to share a subscriber store and become "centralized" (can be used in conjunction with in-mem transport to emulate in memory everything that can be achieved with a real multicast-enabled transport like RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, etc.)


  • Fixed MSMQ mangled message receive so that the message is not "lost"
  • Added cancellation support to the Receive operation of the transport - thanks Rzpeg


  • Changed data type of the SQL Server saga storage [data] column to VARBINARY(MAX) because NVARCHAR(MAX) was extremely slow! (existing tables with NVARCHAR(MAX) data should still work fine - a simple schema check is made at startup)
  • Added Azure blobs-based data bus storage


  • Added ability configure prefetch count with RabbitMQ
  • Added a few additional defensive RabbitMQ reconnection measures, like e.g. throw out prefetched messages if the connection is lost


  • Added simple metadata API to data bus


  • Maintain time of last read access in all data bus storages
  • Made DataBusAttachment serializable with all currently supported serializers (JSON.NET, Jil, Wire, and Protobuf)


  • Fixed potential locked-file issue when multiple readers are reading the same data with the data bus


  • Added MSMQ transport configuration builder to allow for customizing the MessageQueue, e.g. by setting/changing permissions


  • Added file system-based saga storage and timeout storage - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Added Azure tables-based subscription storage - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Added Azure tables-based timeout storage - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Added experimental Azure blobs- and tables-based saga storage - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Added Rebus message handler convention to the StructureMap integration - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Created Rebus.Recipes convenience package with helpful extensions for identity propagation and consistent persistence configurations - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Fixed subtle MSMQ receive blocked thread timing quirks
  • Fixed exception on message deferral for very short intervals - thanks jeffreyabecker
  • Added configuration API for using user-provided DB connection with SQL Server - thanks zabulus


  • Added MsgPack serializer
  • Updated Newtonsoft JSON.NET to 9.0.1 throughout
  • Added ability to skip encryption of a particular message by adding the rbs2-disable-encryption header (can be found as a constant in EncryptionHeaders.DisableEncryptionHeader)
  • Provide real Exceptions in IFailed<TMessage>


  • Provide optional Jil configuration Options parameter, allowing for customizing serialization settings - thanks Rzpeg
  • Make RabbitMQ transport accept multiple connection strings separated by , or ; which will then be cycled on connection failures
  • Fix very subtle bug in saga persisters that would result in sometimes loading saga data of the wrong type when having multiple saga handlers with different saga data types in the same endpoint, handling the same message, correlating by ID - affected persisters: Azure Storage, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, RavenDB, File System
  • Fix subtle bug in how the ambient transaction context is picked up that would sometimes (when another bus is used from withing a message handler, and only with some transports) result in ending up doing Send on the other bus' transport


  • Update AWS SDK version to latest (AWSSDK.Core, AWSSDK.SQS - thanks gertjvr
  • Make RabbitMQ transport tolerate incoming message without ID (try to assign from RabbitMQ ID and ultimately calculate Knuth hash from message body)


  • Fix bug in RavenDB saga persister that would not properly guard saga data against race conditions in the face of concurrent updates
  • Add thread pool-based worker factory that can be enabled by going UseThreadPoolMessageDispatch on the options configurer


  • Respect worker shutdown timeout also when stopping the worker
  • Back off slightly when there is no work to do


  • Add GZIPping capability to data bus storage - can be enabled by attaching .UseCompression() in the data bus configuration builder
  • Factor forwarding of failed messages to error queues out into PoisonQueueErrorHandler which implements IErrorHandler. Make room for customizing what to do about failed messages.


  • Mark assemblies as CLS compliant becase VB.NET and F# programmers are most welcome too - thanks NKnusperer
  • Update Serilog dependency to 2.1.0 - thanks NKnusperer
  • Limit number of workers to match max parallelism
  • Make thread pool-based workers default (old strategy can still be had by calling o.UseClassicRebusWorkersMessageDispatch())
  • Update NLog dependency to 4.3.7 - thanks SvenVandenbrande
  • Update SimpleInjector dependency to 3.2.0 - thanks SvenVandenbrande
  • Make adjustment to new thread pool-based workers that makes better use of async receive APIs of transports
  • Update Wire dependency to 0.8.0
  • Update Autofac dependency to 4.0.1
  • Fix bug in Amazon SQS transport that would cause it to be unable to receive messages if the last created queue was not the transport's own input queue


  • Improve SQL transport expired messages cleanup to hit an index - thanks xenoputtss


  • Update to .NET 4.5.2 because it is the lowest framework version currently supported by Microsoft


  • Update NUnit dependency to 3.4.1


  • Fix file-based lock which was kept for longer than necessary (i.e. until GC would collect the FileStream that had not been properly disposed)


  • Experimentally multi-targeting .NET 4.5, 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1 (but it dit NOT work for 4.6 and 4.6.1)


  • Back to targeting .NET 4.5. only


  • Added ability to set up the advanced bus APIs for testing
  • Proper assembly versions on DLLs


  • Move MSMQ things to separate repository and NuGet package Rebus.Msmq


  • Move SQL Server things to separate repository and NuGet package Rebus.SqlServer
  • Remove legacy worker factory


  • Add separate wait methods to ISyncBackoffStrategy in order to differentiate between waiting because no more parallel operations are allowed, and waiting because no message was received
  • Add deliveryTimeoutSeconds paramater to Deliver method of SagaFixture in order to allow for not timing out when e.g. step-debugging saga message processing


  • This is Rebus 2 :)


  • THIS is Rebus 2 :o)


  • Allow for customizing how the ambient transaction context is accessed (e.g. by backing it with HttpContext.Current.Items if that works better in your case)


  • Add ability to forward to multiple recipients with a transport message forwarder function


  • Add missing Injectionist access methods on RebusLoggingConfigurer


  • Fix bug that would only accept one set of correlation properties for each saga data type. Now it works when multiple saga handlers use the same saga data type.


  • Add additional allowed saga correlation property types: bool, byte, short, and long


  • Fix BuiltinHandlerActivator disposal race condition bug (could accidentally call a handler method with a null bus during shutdown)
  • Fix bug that would cause a saga data instance explicitly added to the SagaFixture to be completely ignored - thanks madstt


  • Add a couple of strategic logging statements around message dispatch


  • Fix bug that can result in accidentally logging IndexOutOfRangeExceptionss when entering idle state, just when the server clock is adjusted back in time


  • Add synchronous bus API which can be accessed via bus.Advanced.SyncBus that exposes synchronous bus.Send, etc. operations
  • Add synchronous transaction context DefaultSyncTransactionContext which is completed with a synchronous .Complete() method
  • Move Rebus 1 (i.e. versions <= 0.84.0) legacy compatibility feature to separate package: Rebus.LegacyCompatibility (no worries: Rebus 2 and 3 can talk just fine!)
  • Change transaction context API to be much more intuitive DefaultTransactionContext and DefaultSyncTransactionContext now automatically make the transaction context ambient
  • Removed GetCurrentClassLogger because the stack frame walking turned out to be unreliable in the face of what seems to be new, more aggressive method inlining
  • Add "out-of-handlers" data bus attachment read methods to IDataBus, which allows for reading attachments from outside message handlers


  • Provide FakeSyncBus implementation of ISyncBus, which can be used to record events for testing


  • Fix bug that caused uncompressed or unencrypted message bodies to be sent when forwarding messages


  • Make transport message forwarder error behavior configurable, and make it default to moving the transport message to the error queue


  • Fix bug that accidentally did not include the source queue address and the exception details on a fail-fast-forwarded transport message


  • Fix regression that too eagerly validated a saga's correlation properties, leading to suddenly no longer being able to correlate by nested properties


  • Make data storage test of last read time slightly more tolerant


  • Fix GetSimpleAssemblyQualifiedName extension to handle generic message types better (i.e. make version tolerance work with type parameters too) - thanks Rzpeg


  • Fix unspecified behavior that did not assign a revision number to a deleted saga
  • Add contract test to verify correct behavior of saga persisters


  • Hide some internal types that were never meant to be part of the API
  • Add correlation configuration API to make it easy to correlate headers of incoming messages with saga data
  • Change all logging to have named placeholders (Serilog style) instead of the semantically useless .NET placeholders (logging libraries that have no use for named placeholders can use AbstractRebusLoggerFactory's RenderString method)
  • Add experimental expression-based pipeline invoker (not enabled by default)
  • Compile expression-based pipeline with FastExpressionCompiler (not enabled by default) - thanks dadhi
  • Add .NET Core support (~~~targeting netstandard 1.6~~~) in addition to the current .NET 4.5 target - thanks mvandevy
  • Move JSON serializer into core (still default, but now exposed so it can be customized)
  • Rename transaction scope to RebusTransactionScope and make it expose CompleteAsync() and Complete() methods for completing in an async/sync manner respectively
  • Add optional transport inspector service
  • Extend ILog interface with warning signature that accepts an Exception
  • Log uncaught exceptions from message handlers by passing real exceptions to the logger
  • Change contract tests to better support "immutable containers" (i.e. containers that cannot have things registered in them after they are built) - thanks trevorreeves
  • Set rbs2-in-reply-to header on replies containing message ID of the request
  • Lower .NET Core compatible target to netstandard 1.3 - thanks mirandaasm
  • Consolidate several header steps into one single AssignDefaultHeadersStep for outgoing messages
  • Add routing slips
  • Add DeferLocal and make deferral work analogous to sending
  • Add ability to forcibly limit the length of the rbs2-error-details header to overcome limitations of the transport in cases where e.g. a long stack trace would make it impossible to forward a failed message to the error queue


  • Fix exceptions thrown by default persistence implementations
  • Fix exception thrown by Injectionist if a resolver cannot be found


  • Add optional in-process locking middleware for saga instances
  • Force initialization of the configuration system at startup to avoid risking that it is initialized in a Rebus handler (almost always triggered by Entity Framework, results in exceptions complaining that Rebus' transaction context contains unserializable things)
  • Add option to externally configure the bus used internally by saga fixture, allowing for customizing everything but logging, transport, and saga storage (could e.g. be serialization) - thanks boyanio


  • Decompression enabled by default because there's no reason why it shouldn't be
  • Ability for default JSON serializer to deserialize based on the serialized type, enabling JSON objects devoid of .NET type information
  • Fix it so that the file system transport does not output errors when in one-way client mode - thanks pheiberg
  • Make Rebus buildable on OS X - thanks bartul
  • Add ability to fail fast (i.e. immediately move the message to the error queue) either by throwing FailFastException or by configuring a custom IFailFastChecker to execute arbitrary logic - thanks boyanio


  • Re-publish 4.2.0 because the Rebus.dll generated in 4.2.0 had version 1.0.0 and not the correct version


  • Remove .ConfigureAwait(false) throughout, because it messes up the ability to carry ambient contexts into callbacks, which (via decorators) is one of Rebus' most important extensibility points - thanks oliverhanappi


  • Add methods to in-mem persistence providers, making it easier to inspect them e.g. when testing - thanks oliverhanappi


  • Move entire Rebus.Testing namespace to its own NuGet package: Rebus.TestHelpers (named "TestHelpers" to avoid confusing it with Rebus' own test project, and just because it's more appropriate)
  • Ensure disposal of all IDisposable instances tracked by Injectionist in the event that an IInitializable fails during startup
  • Add option to omit type information from serialized JSON text, thus saving lots of space and making the serialized JSON more pure at the expense of .NET object serialization power
  • Provide Defer method on IRoutingApi allowing for easily deferring explicitly routed messages
  • Ability to "name the bus", allowing for using something more descriptive than the default "Rebus 1", "Rebus 2"S names
  • Change built-in console logging to use abbr. log lvls.
  • Deferred start capability - call Create() instead of Start(), and the returned IBusStarter can be used to start message processing when it is desired to do so
  • Make in-mem error tracking max age configurable (defaults to 10 minutes)
  • Update JSON.NET dep to 11.0.1
  • Introduce extensibility point ITopicNameConvention for defining how types are mapped to topics - thanks heberop
  • Factor 40 improvement of "simple assembly-qualified type name" lookup
  • Factor 2.5 improvement of type lookup in JSON serializer
  • Introduce interface for locking saga data based on correlation properties, enabling the use of distributed locks - thanks torangel
  • Fail fast when message cannot be delivered to any handlers, basically assuming that the situation will not correct itself anyway
  • Add appropriate constructors to IdempotencyData to accomodate certain stubborn serializers
  • Change signature of several methods of the backoff strategy to be async to avoid accidentally blocking thread pool threads - thanks Plasma
  • Include symbol packages in the nuggie - thanks poizan42
  • Add sender's address to all outgoing messages
  • Ability to override HandlerInvoker instances created in the ActivateHandlersStep by overriding - thanks Liero
  • Remove .NET Standard 1.3 as a target


  • Throw exceptions in TransactionContext when hooking up callbacks after it has been completed (usually a sign of async stuff not being awaited) - thanks mattwhetton


  • Add count methods form InMemNetwork - thanks caspertdk


  • Port changes from 4.3.0 forward


  • Allow for setting the default return address by going .Options(o => o.SetDefaultReturnAddress("another-queue"))


  • Fix subtle cancellation/timing bug in TplAsyncTask which would lead to disposal taking several seconds, logging a warning that it took a long time


  • Add cancellation support by adding a CancellationToken to the incoming step context. The token can be easily found by calling the GetCancellationToken() extension method on IMessageContenxt


  • Fix bug in the "enforce exclusive saga access" feature that would result in an exception, if the same lock bucket got hit more than once


  • Add rbs2-defer-count header, which is initially set to 1 when a message is deferred - each subsequent deferral of the message will then increment this counter


  • Fix bug that would erroneously return a not-so-useful message context when inside a RebusTransactionScope


  • Move data bus configuration to main configurer, so now you can go .DataBus(d => d.StoreInFileSystem(@"\\network-path\folder"))
  • Add automatic claim check support, so you can have big messages transferred as data bus attachments by going e.g. d.SendBigMessagesAsAttachments(bodySizeThresholdBytes: 200*1000)
  • Move cancellation support into the backoff strategy - thanks nativenolde
  • Change log messages when changing number of workers to include the bus name - thanks nativenolde
  • Add nifty fail fast helper on options configurer: .Options(o => o.FailFastOn<TException>()) or .Options(o => o.FailFastOn<TException>(when: ex => ex.Message.Contains("whatever")))
  • Change RebusTransactionScope so it can be used inside Rebus handlers (in case that would be handy to anyone)
  • Change signature of all methods that accept headers to be IDictionary<string, string> - thanks hellfirehd
  • Optimize Rebus' internal TransactionContext to use event (code-generated lists of callbacks) instead of ConcurrentQueue<Func<Task>> - thanks jods4
  • Remove need for ManualResetEvent from Rebus' async background task implementation - thanks jods4
  • Replace file system-based transport with a new one that uses temp-file+rename to send, and file-locking-w-FileShare-Delete to receive
  • Add new data bus storage feature for querying by save time/last read time as well as deleting attachments
  • Add RebusTransactionScopeSuppressor, which may be used in cases where an already active Rebus transaction scope must be temporarily suppressed
  • Also target .NET Standard 2.1 (i.e. .NET Core 3.0)


  • Make file system transport compatible with previous versions of Rebus - thanks jr01


  • Introduce IMessageTypeNameConvention, which defaults to simple assembly-qualified type names. Can be customized by calling .Serialization(s => s.UseCustomMessageTypeNames().Add(...))


  • Add extension method that makes it possible to manually dead-letter the message currently being handled


  • Add ability to point out correlation properties of saga data by specifying them as strings - thanks seankearon


  • Fix bug that would prevent fail-fast exceptions to cause messages to fail fast when thrown in a 2nd level retry


  • Enforce handler registration in built-in handler activator before the bus is started. If one absolutely wants to add handlers AFTER having started the bus, it's still possible, simply by temporarily setting number of workers = 0


  • Revert breaking change that snuck into the IAsyncTaskFactory interface


  • Add [UsedImplicitly] annotation to [IHandleMessages] so implementations doesn't show up as unused - thanks zlepper


  • Make the number of saga data conflict resolution attempts configurable
  • Additional endpoint mapping methods - thanks kendallb


  • isCompliant: true makes Rebus much more CLS compliant