The super repository for recalbox

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New : v3.2.11 Corrected same name controller bug, added zoid theme

New : v3.2.4 New recalbox.conf system, new boot system.

New : v3.2.3 Bug corrections, Analog joystick and L2/R2 added in joystick config

New : recalboxOS is now compatible with RPi2 !

New : get all infos on recalbox-os on the WIKI

The super repository for recalbox.

This repository purpose is the regroup the differents recalbox projects in one to clarify and make it more easy to compile the system.


recalboxOS is a light embedded system created to run on the raspberryPi and raspberryPI 2.

You can transform your rpi in an emulation platform, supporting up to 32 systems !


  • Supports Atari 2600, Atari 7800, NES, Game Boy, Game Boy color, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Famicom Disk System, Master System, Megadrive (Genesis), Gamegear, Game and Watch, Lynx, NeoGeo, NeoGeo Pocket, FBA (subset), iMame4all (subset), PCEngine, Supergrafx, MSX1/2, PSX, Sega Cd, Sega 32X, Sega SG1000, Playstation, ScummVM, Vectrex, VirtualBoy, Wonderswan
  • Build with buildroot, so the root file system is only 100MB compressed.
  • Rescue system based on NOOBS : reinstall directly from your sd card or get the last version from the net
  • Online update
  • Network access to rom folder, screenshots, saves.
  • fat32 rom partition : compatible with all systems
  • Controller configuration in the frontend : configure once, play everywhere.
  • Background frontend music
  • PS3 and Shanwan Bluetooth built-in support (plug a controller, unplug and play)
  • French, English, Portugues (thanks to mgoulart), Spanish, German, Italian and maybe other to come if you participate.
  • Frontend based on Aloshi great EmulationStation2
  • FBA optimized version with 4 player support (yeah Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Use RPi GPIOs as controllers


recalboxOS is the main project, that aggregate the 3 sub-projects composing the system :

  • recalbox-buildroot : (branch recalbox)
    The recalbox-buildroot project is the buildroot system. It create the whole linux os that will run on the recalbox. You could compile this project, then copy output files to a manually formatted SD card to run the system on a raspberryPi. But there is a better way, called recalbox-rescue.

  • recalbox-rescue : (branch recalbox)
    Based on the awesome NOOBS from rpi team, the recalbox rescue allows you to easily install retroboxOS and have a rescue partition on your SD card. It's an other minimal OS, that will download retroboxOS, format your SD card, and install the system for you.
    It will check if a new version is available from the net, before installing SD card version.

  • recalbox-emulationstation :
    Based on the Aloshi awesome emulationstation 2, the frontend has been a little modified to have ogg bg music, language selection, update support and controller configuration.