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What is DOSBox ?

DOSBox is an emulator which emulates an IBM PC compatible computer running a DOS operating system. Many IBM PC compatible graphics and sound cards are also emulated.

It allows to run some old PC games on Recalbox.

Which version of DOSBox is provided by Recalbox ?

Good question: the last official version of DOSBox is 0.74 (May 2010).
Hopefully, development continues in the SVN version to solve bugs or improve the emulator.

The version embedded in Recalbox is this SVN version, with some specific improvements:

  • Use SDL2 library to improve graphics performance
  • Allow to support hardware joysticks up to 8 axis. Done for mapping purpose (all axis, hats and buttons are now mappable).
  • Allow to emulate a mouse (movements + buttons) from any key or joystick
  • Allow to display a virtual keyboard (for joystick-only systems)

How to emulate DOS games in Recalbox ?

Read this page of the Wiki.

How to use the virtual keyboard ?

By default, the virtual keyboard opens with Ctrl-F2.
But a new button is now available in the mapper (Ctrl-F1 > Virt Keyb) to associate it to another event (keyboard, mouse or joystick).

Once opened, use the mouse or joystick to select and click on keys:

  • Using the left mouse button or the first joystick button simulates a simple press-and-release of the key.
  • Using the right mouse button or the second joystick button simulates a press-and-hold of the key (the key is shown darker). Click again with any mouse button or joystick to release it.
    This allows to make combination with Shift, Ctrl or Alt keys.

Finally, press the green "checked" button to close the virtual keyboard and send events to DOSBox.
It is also possible to press the red "cross" button to cancel events and close the virtual keyboard.

Additional notes:

  1. If you use an existing mapping file, the default Ctrl-F2 will not be configured
  2. If you exit the virtual keyboard with a key still pressed-and-hold, the key will be constantly sent to DOSBox, until you open the virtual keyboard again !
  3. All configured mappings of joystick or mouse buttons are ignored when you are in the virtual keyboard

















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