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Odroid XU4 tft screen OGST

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This integration method is temporary, waiting for the full support of the OGST case in Recalbox. A great thanks to littlebalup for his work.

What is OGST tft screen



  • An ODROID XU4(Q) with the OGST Gaming Concole kit.
  • Recalbox installed (tested on the stable version 18.07.13, 2018 christmas beta and V6-RC3).
  • Recalbox connected to internet.

The install script will:

  • Download the package.
  • Install the /recalbox/share/system/ script.
  • Extract the logos pack to /recalbox/share/system/tft_logos.
  • Replace the /usr/bin/ffmpeg binary with a new one. ( the existing one is too old and buggy for video loop operations...).
  • Modify and re-compile /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/
  • Reboot the system.

Installation procedure:

  • Get root access on terminal
  • Copy/paste to your terminal and execute the following command line for Recalbox 2018:
wget && chmod +x && ./
  • Copy/paste to your terminal and execute the following command line for Recalbox V6:
wget && chmod +x && ./

That's it. Enjoy!

Note: After a Recalbox system update, you may have to do a re-installation. If you made some modifications (see the "Customization" section), make a backup of your file and your 'tft_logos` folder before. Then restore them after installation.

Some Information about how it works

  • At system boot, the /recalbox/share/system/ script is ran (via the /etc/init.d/S99custom startup script) with the start argument to initialize the TFT screen and display the default logo.
  • When a game (or Kodi) is started, the modified emulator launcher /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/emulatorlauncher.pyc run the script with the launched emulator name as argument, displaying the coresponding logo to the TFT screen.
  • The script continues to run silently in backgroung the time the emulator is in process (the time python / emulatorlauncher process exists), waiting and watching the process stop.
  • Once the emulator is stopped the script display back the default logo.


  • All the logos (static images or videoclip) are stored in /recalbox/share/system/tft_logos.
  • You can add, edit, remove, etc... the logos as you want but you may have to edit the /recalbox/share/system/ script accordingly for some changes to take effects (logo files path are stored in it as well as the loop parameter if you want to loop a videoclip). Take care to keep the script structure integrity.
  • If you unfortunatly corrupted the script, make a backup of your tft_logos folder if you made changes, re-do the installation procedure, then restore your 'tft_logos` folder if applicable.
  • To be properly displayed, all the logos images or vidoeclips must be 320 x 240 pixels (the TFT screen resolution).
  • Tested working *.mp4, *.jpg, *.png and *.gif files. All the files supported by ffmpeg should work. Try and see.

Contributed work

Some tests with specific RB intro videos

Related thread on Recalbox forum (french)

OGST Tft Screen Support Recalbox

Some Videos in 320x240 format

Download this archive, and replace the default with the one you like :)!Kp8BkYoD!SAeq9xcDUX4po_Xmhed_KypmycQ8iQRS1SZI9vBRb3Q

Completed video pack with all systems

From thanx to @kevinnash Completed video pack with all systems. Download

















Di base


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