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Tags used in roms's name (EN)

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Some explanations on the codes and tags found in the names of the rom files.

Geographic Tags :

(1) Japan & Korea
(4) USA and Brazil NTSC
(A) Australia
(As) Asia
(B) no USA (Genesis / Megadrive)
(C) or (Ch) China
(D) Netherlands
(E) Europe
(F) France
(F) World (Genesis / Megadrive)
(FC) Canada French
(FN) Finland
(G) Germany
(GR) Greece
(HK) Hong Kong
(H) Holland
(I) Italy
(4) USA & Brazil
(J) Japan & South Korea
(K) Korea
(NL) Netherlands
(No) Norway
(PD) Public Domain: Free and Freeware Software
(R) Russia
(UK) United Kingdom
(S) Spain
(SW) Sweden & Switzerland
(U) USA & United States
(UK) England
(Unk) Unknown country
(W) World (Genesis)

(Bra) Brazilian / Portuguese
(Kor) Korea
(Eng) English
(Nor) Norwegian
(Dut) Dutch
(Pol) Polish
(End) Finnish
(Por) Portuguese
(Fre) French
(Rus) Russian
(Ger) German
(Ser) Serbian
(Gre) Greek
(Spa) Spanish
(Ita) Italian
(Swe) Swedish

General Versions Tags :

[a] Alternate: Alternative version, usually they fix bugs
[b] Bad Dump: The dump was not done correctly, it's a corrupted version
[c] Cracked: cracked version
[f] Fixed: Optimized to better run on emulator
[h] Hack: Modified version, can go from cheat mod, new game to wacky hack and / or advertising
(M5) Multilanguage: 5 languages ​​in this case
[o] Overdump: The size bigger than a standard cartridge, does not change anything on emulator
[p] Pirate: Non-original rom
[t] Trained: Generally opens a cheat menu at the launch of the rom
[T] Translation: Translation by fans
[T +] Newer Translation: Rom translated, current rom to use
[T-] Older Translation: Translation exceeded the Rom, a newer exists
(Unl) Unlicensed: Quite rare, it's a finished game or not that has never been edited
[x] Bad Checksum
(ZZZ) unclassified
(-) Unknown Year
[!] Verified Good Dump: Verified and perfectly playable version, the must-have.
[! p] Pending dump: This is the closest copy of the original game to date, but on is still waiting for a proper copy of the ROM.
[###] Checksum
(?? k) Size of the ROM

Advanced Tags :

(NG-Dump Known) No good dump has been found
(REVXX) Revision number (00 is earliest)
(VX.X) Version number (1.0 is earliest)
(M#) Multilanguage; # of languages (selectable by a menu)
(??-in-1) Pirate multicart
(Vol #) Official multicart
(GCN) Nintendo GameCube rip
[h#C] Hacked internal cartridge information
[h#+#C] Hacked internal cartridge information; #th variant
[hI] Hacked dumping group intro
[hIR] Hacked dumping group intro removed
[M] Mono-color game
(Alpha) Alpha version
(Beta) Beta version
(Prototype) Prototype version
(Pre-Release) Pre-release version
(Kiosk Demo) Demonstration version available at Kiosks
(Hack) ROM hack
(Menu) Multicart menu, unselectable options
(ZZZ_UNK) Unclassified ROM
(BIOS) Copy of console's basic in/out system
(N64DD) Nintendo 64DD ROM
(##MBit) ROM size in mégabits
(##k) ROM size in kilobits
(19XX) Release year (20th Century)
(20XX) Release year (21st Century)
(Atmos) Atmos ROM
(Telestrat) Telestrat ROM
[R] RSID format
(old) Old version
[R-XXX] Language
(SC-3000) SC-3000 cartridge
(SG-1000) Sega SG-1000 cartridge
(SF-7000) SF-7000 cartridge
(GG2SMS) Sega Master System mode
(Cart) Cartridge format
(Adam) ADAM version
(Compilation) The ROM is a dump of a compilation
(Ch-Trad) Pirate traditional Chinese game
(Ch-Simple) Pirate simple Chinese game
[f1C] Hack, only cart name is changed
(PAL) European
(NTSC) American

Special Tags :

(PAL) Europe Version

(Adam) ADAM Version

Game Boy Advance
[hIR00] Intro removed; replaced with 00 values
[hIRff] Intro removed; replaced with ff values
[f_?] Removed EEPROM_V124 patched
[v] Game Boy Advance video
[eb] E-Book ROM
[eba] E-Book Advance ROM
[ebb] Book Reader Advance ROM
[f125] Removed EEPROM_V125
[f126] Removed EEPROM_V126
(IQue) Chinese Game Boy Advance ROM for IQue console
(Coleco on GBA Emulated) ColecoVision ROM via Coleco on GBA emulator
(Cologne Emulated) ColecoVision ROM via Cologne emulator
(DrSMS Emulated) Sega Master System ROM via DrSMS emulator
(FooN Emulated) ZX Spectrum ROM via FooN emulator
(PocketNES Emulated) NES ROM via PocketNES emulator
(FC2GBA Emulated) NES ROM via FC2GBA emulator
(Goomba Emulated) Game Boy ROM via Goomba emulator
(GBAGI Emulated) Adventure Game Interpreter ROM via GBAGI emulator
(Swanadvance Emulated) WonderSwan ROM via Swanadvance emulator
(PCEAdvance Emulated) TurboGrafx-16 ROM via PCEAdvance emulator
(PocketSMS Emulated) Sega Master System ROM via PocketSMS emulator
(PocketSNES Emulated) SNES ROM via PocketSNES emulator
(SNESAdvance Emulated) SNES ROM via SNESAdvance emulator
(Snezzyboy Emulated) SNES ROM via Snezzyboy emulator
(VGB Emulated) Game Boy ROM via VGB emulator
(Pogoshell) Program for Pogoshell tool
(s##e##) Series number and episode number for videos
(MB) Multiboot ROM
(MB2GBA) Multiboot game converted to GBA format
(-e) E-Reader ROM
(+ ## NES) Unlicensed multicart with ## NES games
(NDS) Nintendo DS slot-2 cartridge dump
(GoodBook) E-Book using GoodBook converter
(TextReader) E-Book using TextReader converter
(PictureBoy) E-Book using PictureBoy converter
(ReadBoy) E-Book using ReadBoy converter ** (ReadBoy) ** E-Book using ReadBoy converter

[C] Color
[S] Super
[BF] Bung Fix: For modified physical cartridge (flash card type as on DS)

Super Nintendo
(BS) BS ROMs: Rom sent via satellite to TVs during Japanese TV show
(ST) Sufami Turbo: To play with two GB cartridge at the same time on the snes
(NP) Nintendo Power: Privately Distributed Games (to Magazine Subscribers in Japan)

Megadrive / Genesis
(1) Japan
(4) USA
(5) NTSC Only
(8) PAL Only
(B) no USA: Turns on all MG except USA
[c] Checksum: Meet some checksum issues
(F) World
[x] Bad Checksum: Bad checksum, big bug risks
[R-] Country: For example [RF] for France
(J-Cart) The original cartridge has two controller ports on it
(SN) Sega-Net game
(REVXB) Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese version 2
(REVSC02) Sonic Compilation version of Sonic 2
(MP) MegaPlay version
(MD Bundle) The ROM comes from the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Pack-in game
(Alt Music) Alternative Music Version of Sonic Spinball

NeoGeo Pocket
[M] Mono Only: Mono Audio

(PC10) PlayChoice 10: Arcade version based on NES games
(VS) Versus: Same as (PC10) but not playable solo
[hFFE] Copied from Far East Copiers
[hMxx] Hacked to run on map xx
(SMB #) Unspecified Super Mario Bros. hack
(Aladdin) Runs with an Aladdin cartridge that locks out 10NES lockout chip
(Sachen) Unlicensed game by Sachen
(KC) Konami classic
(PRG0) Program revision 0
(PRG1) Program revision 1
[U] Universal NES image file format
(Mapper ##) Mapper number
(FDS Hack) Hacked from the Family Computer Disk System to NES
(GBA E-reader) Hacked from the e-Reader card
(E-GC) ROM NES ripped from European Nintendo GameCube
(J-GC) NES ROM ripped from Japanese Nintendo GameCube

(BS) Broadcast Satellite (Satellaview) ROMs / ROMs sent via satellite on TVs, but never had physical support.
(NP) Nintendo Power ROM / Games distributed privately (to newspaper subscribers in Japan)
(ST) Sufami Turbo ROM / Special cartridge to play with two GB cartridge at the same time on the direction.

















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