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How to connect through wifi ?


  • Check that you wifi dongle is in the compatibility list
  • Check that you wifi is WPA2, and the password does not contain special characters, otherwise see below.
  • Check that your wifi is in discovery mode
  • Blacklist the integrated wifi if you wish to use a usb wifi dongle

Configuration through emulationstation

  • Plug a keyboard
  • Go to the emulationstation menu (Start)
  • Menu Network, check that the wifi is "on", and enter the network informations
  • Restart recalbox.

Through recalbox.conf

  • Plug a RJ45 cable
  • Edit the recalbox.conf file through winscp+notepad/putty/ssh
  • Activate the wifi by removing the commas in front of the 2 following lines
  • Save, close the ssh session and restart recalbox
## Activate wifi (0,1)   
## Wifi SSID (string)  
wifi.ssid=new ssid   
## Wifi KEY (string)   
wifi.key=new key   

If there are special characters in the wifi key, for instance with 1a4a&9f5g8!41d
You need to add backslashes (\) in front of these characters in the recalbox.conf file:

## Wifi KEY (string)   

In recalbox directly

If you cannot plug a RJ45 cable, you will need to plug in a keyboard. Exit emulationstation with the key combination: F4 then ALT + F2

user : root      
mdp : recalboxroot     

Then edit the recalbox.conf file with the following command:

nano /recalbox/share/system/recalbox.conf

Save the modifications (CTRL + X then Y), and reboot.

If none of these methods work, or if your wifi dongle is not listed in the compatibility list, please post a complete dmesg on the forum, and give the complete informations on your wifi dongle.

Take a look here: Wifi country code

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