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# Code for Shakaar robot
# By Mike Horne, based on code by Tom Oinn/Emma Norling code
# Need floating point division of integers
from __future__ import division
from time import sleep
import sys
import subprocess
from approxeng.input.selectbinder import ControllerResource
# Initial gearbox settings
g_motor_left_gearbox = 0.25
g_motor_right_gearbox = 0.25
g_motor_left_gearbox_step = 0.1
g_motor_right_gearbox_step = 0.1
g_motor_left_min = 0
g_motor_left_max = 1
g_motor_right_min = 0
g_motor_right_max = 1
motors_live = False
debug_output = False
import redboard
def set_speeds(power_left, power_right):
As we have a motor hat, we can use the motors
:param power_left:
Power to send to left motor
:param power_right:
Power to send to right motor, will be inverted to reflect chassis layout
debug('in L {}'.format(power_left))
debug('in R {}'.format(power_right))
motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_gearbox
motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_right_gearbox
# Virtual gearbox
power_left = (motor_left_gearbox * power_left)
power_right = (motor_right_gearbox * power_right)
debug('Geared L {}'.format(power_left))
debug('Geared R {}'.format(power_right))
# If power is less than 0, we want to turn the motor backwards, otherwise turn it forwards
if motors_live:
print('Setting power M2 ', power_left)
print('Setting power M1 ', power_right)
if debug_output:
def stop_motors():
except ImportError:
print("Something occurred. Printing values instead")
def set_speeds(power_left, power_right):
No motor hat - print what we would have sent to it if we'd had one.
motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_gearbox
motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_left_gearbox
power_left = (motor_left_gearbox * power_left) / 100
power_right = (motor_right_gearbox * power_right) / 100
debug('DEBUG Left: {}, Right: {}'.format(power_left, power_right))
def stop_motors():
No motor hat, so just print a message.
debug('DEBUG Motors stopping')
def debug(str):
# Only output if the global is set to True
if (debug_output):
# Enable logging of debug messages, by default these aren't shown
# import logzero
# logzero.setup_logger(name='approxeng.input', level=logzero.logging.DEBUG)
class RobotStopException(Exception):
The simplest possible subclass of Exception, we'll raise this if we want to stop the robot
for any reason. Creating a custom exception like this makes the code more readable later.
def mixer(yaw, throttle, max_power=100):
Mix a pair of joystick axes, returning a pair of wheel speeds. This is where the mapping from
joystick positions to wheel powers is defined, so any changes to how the robot drives should
be made here, everything else is really just plumbing.
:param yaw:
Yaw axis value, ranges from -1.0 to 1.0
:param throttle:
Throttle axis value, ranges from -1.0 to 1.0
:param max_power:
Maximum speed that should be returned from the mixer, defaults to 100
A pair of power_left, power_right integer values to send to the motor driver
left = throttle + yaw
right = throttle - yaw
scale = float(max_power) / max(1, abs(left), abs(right))
return int(left * scale), int(right * scale)
# Outer try / except catches the RobotStopException we just defined, which we'll raise when we want to
# bail out of the loop cleanly, shutting the motors down. We can raise this in response to a button press
while True:
# Inner try / except is used to wait for a controller to become available, at which point we
# bind to it and enter a loop where we read axis values and send commands to the motors.
# Bind to any available joystick, this will use whatever's connected as long as the library
# supports it.
with ControllerResource(print_events=False, hot_zone=0.2, dead_zone=0.1) as joystick:
print('Found a controller, HOME to exit, Left Stick to drive')
# Loop until the joystick disconnects, or we deliberately stop by raising a
# RobotStopException
while joystick.connected:
# Get joystick values from the left analogue stick
x_axis, y_axis = joystick['rx', 'ly']
# Get power from mixer function
power_left, power_right = mixer(yaw=x_axis, throttle=y_axis)
# Set motor speeds
set_speeds(power_left, power_right)
# Get a ButtonPresses object containing everything that was pressed since the last
# time around this loop.
button_presses = joystick.check_presses()
# Print out any buttons that were pressed, if we had any
if button_presses.has_presses:
debug('Button presses: {}'.format(button_presses))
# D-Pad up and triangle = Stop the code
if 'dup' in button_presses:
if 'triangle' in button_presses:
raise RobotStopException()
if 'dright' in button_presses:
if 'circle' in button_presses:
command = '/usr/bin/sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now'
process = subprocess.Popen(command.split(), stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output = process.communicate()[0]
if 'dleft' in button_presses:
if 'square' in button_presses:
command = '/usr/bin/sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now'
process = subprocess.Popen(command.split(), stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output = process.communicate()[0]
if 'ddown' in button_presses:
if 'cross' in button_presses:
if 'triangle' in button_presses:
if motors_live:
motors_live = False
motors_live = True
if 'r2' in button_presses:
debug('VGB up')
g_motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_gearbox + g_motor_left_gearbox_step
g_motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_right_gearbox + g_motor_right_gearbox_step
if 'r1' in button_presses:
debug('VGB down')
g_motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_gearbox - g_motor_left_gearbox_step
g_motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_right_gearbox - g_motor_right_gearbox_step
if g_motor_left_gearbox < g_motor_left_min:
g_motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_min
if g_motor_left_gearbox > g_motor_left_max:
g_motor_left_gearbox = g_motor_left_max
if g_motor_right_gearbox < g_motor_right_min:
g_motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_right_min
if g_motor_right_gearbox > g_motor_right_max:
g_motor_right_gearbox = g_motor_right_max
print('Joystick not connected')
x_axis, y_axis = joystick['lx', 'ly']
button_presses = joystick.check_presses()
except IOError:
# We get an IOError when using the ControllerResource if we don't have a controller yet,
# so in this case we just wait a second and try again after printing a message.
print('No controller found yet')
except RobotStopException:
# This exception will be raised when the home button is pressed, at which point we should
# stop the motors.
# And exit
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