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Recess PHP Framework

Welcome to the Recess PHP Framework! Let’s have some fun…


  • Apache
  • mod_rewrite suggested
  • PHP 5.2.3 or greater

Installation Process

  1. Unzip contents into your web documents path (i.e. public_html)
  2. On a development machine make these directories writeable by PHP:
    1. apps/
    2. data/temp/
    3. data/sqlite/
  3. Open recess-conf.php and set RecessConf::$defaultDatabase
    1. If using MySQL: Uncomment the ‘mysql:…’ line and fill in DBNAME/USER/PASS
    2. If using Sqlite: Uncomment the ‘sqlite:…’ line and name the database
  4. Do you have mod_rewrite?
    1. Yes: Open your browser to the location you unzipped
    2. No: Open your browser to the location you unzipped followed by index.php
  5. If you see “Welcome to Recess!” we’re ready to rock.
  6. The URL you are currently at will be referenced {$installUrl}

Recess Tools Mini-tutorial

  1. Browse to http://{$installUrl}/recess/ (i.e. http://localhost/recess)
  2. Do you see Recess Tools? Good.
  3. Click ‘Database’
    1. Make sure your default database shows up.
  4. Click ‘Apps’ and let’s start a new app
    1. Click ‘Start a New Application’
    2. Human name: My First Recess App
    3. Programmatic name: FirstApp [NEXT]
    4. Url prefix: firstApp/ [NEXT]
    5. Follow instructions to activate your first app.
    6. In a new tab browse to http://{$installUrl}/firstApp/
    7. Do you see a Hello page? Great.
  5. Back in Recess Tools click ‘Apps’
  6. Click on ‘My First Recess App’ – this is your app dashboard.
  7. Click on ‘new’ beside of Models
    1. Name the model Post
    2. Select ‘Table does not exist.’
    3. Add 2 properties:
      1. title => String
      2. body => Text
    4. Click ‘Generate Model’
    5. Click ‘Generate Scaffolding’
    6. In your other tab browse to http://{$installUrl}/firstApp/post
    7. Try creating a new post.
  8. In your editor open the apps dir in your Recess install location.
    1. Poke around in here to get a sense of what Tools just generated.
  9. From here have fun, keep tinkering, and stay tuned to

Stay tuned, ask questions, and get involved in the Recess Community:

Enjoy Recess!

Kris Jordan


Recess is a REST oriented, full-stack PHP framework.






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