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Security and Privacy in sensitive data Exchange


  1. recheck-sdk recheck-sdk Public

    Here is a summary of the SDK that ReCheck provides for you.


  2. recheck-clientjs-library recheck-clientjs-library Public

    This is a reference implementation of the protocol for end-to-end encryption within the Recheck services platform. It implements data storage, data fetching and validation with a set of keypairs th…

    JavaScript 2 1

  3. hammerJS hammerJS Public

    A Command line tool (CLI) that utilizes recheck-clientjs-library. You can connect to the blockchain to upload, download, share and files.

    JavaScript 2

  4. vue-recheck-authorizer vue-recheck-authorizer Public

    A set of Vue.js components for authentication and data interaction with Recheck Platform.

    Vue 1

  5. recheck-mobile-native recheck-mobile-native Public

    ReCheck - native mobile application

    Vue 1

  6. hammerJ hammerJ Public

    Java encryption library for agnostic blockchain connection and workflow.

    Java 1


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