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MINICONDA: C:\Miniconda
MINICONDA: C:\Miniconda3
# Issues have been encountered with installing numpy and scipy on
# AppVeyor e.g.
# Miniconda is recommended as the way to install these. See also:
# The following adopts approaches suggested in the above links.
- conda config --set always_yes yes --set changeps1 no
- conda update -q conda
- conda info -a
- "conda create -q -n test-environment python=%PYTHON_VERSION%"
- activate test-environment
# recipy fails to install flask for as-yet-unknown reason,
# and fails if it is not present, so install it explicitly.
- conda install flask
# Install recipy.
- python install
# Install py.test explicitly else Travis CI will use the one in its
# virtualenv which can't use the Miniconda environment.
- conda install pytest
# Install packages needed for testing recipy.
- conda install python-dateutil pyyaml numpy git
# Install packages that recipy can log.
- conda install matplotlib
- conda install pandas pytables xlrd xlwt
- conda install lxml
- conda install beautifulsoup4
- conda install pillow
- conda install scikit-learn
- conda install scikit-image
- pip install nibabel
- conda install gdal
# Copy matplotlib configuration so it does not try and plot to
# screen, which can cause matplotlib tests to fail.
- copy integration_test\packages\matplotlibrc .
# Print the environment.
- which python
- which pip
- which py.test
- py.test --version
- pip freeze
# Run py.test with 'v' (verbose) to show test function names and
# 'rs' to show reasons for skipped tests
- py.test -v -rs integration_test