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Fixed bug #168. add_svn_info try_except catches SvnException which Py…

…thon assumes means the SvnException declaration earlier in the module when it should catch svn.common.SvnException from svn package functions
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mikej888 committed Oct 28, 2016
1 parent 5c1600c commit a7ae3e73116756d8d267ccaaec651e0ee64184b5
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@@ -80,6 +80,6 @@ def add_svn_info(run, scriptpath):
run["svncommit"] = svn_info["commit_revision"]
if not option_set('ignored metadata', 'diff'):
run['diff'] = svn_diff(svn_info["wc-info/wcroot-abspath"])
except (SvnException, ValueError, OSError):
except (svn.common.SvnException, ValueError, OSError):
# We can't access svn info for some reason, so just skip it

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