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Set of recommenders for the Plista News Recommendation Challenge.

The recommenders use modified versions of the Plista contest client implementation by @matip available at plistacontest (forked here) and the Plista Challenge client implementation by @torbenbrodt available here

Implemented by

##Instructions ###Prerequisites

  • java 7
  • maven

###Running a recommender

  1. Get the client
  2. git clone
  3. cd plistaclient
  4. mvn clean install
  5. Get the recommenders
  6. git clone
  7. cd plistarecs
  8. vim to configure a recommender and port
  9. mvn clean package; ./ (preferably in a screen)
  10. Check if your server is running at http://yourhost:yourport
  11. Register account at ORP and connect to your server
  12. Win the prizes

###Additional info The recommenders will fail initially as there is no data provided in the repository. As the recommender receives impressions from Plista it will create data files in the folder it lives. This data is used for recommendation. Note that data files grow fast, you will need plenty of gigabytes of storage for this.