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Hardware and Credits

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@@ -23,3 +23,15 @@ The servo, mounting boards, arduino and wires all came in the excellent [SparkFu
I should also note that it's possible to do ALL of this from just an arduino with a [Arduino WiFi Shield]( but then it wouldn't be ~20 lines of JavaScript and it wouldn't have been made by me in two days.
+## Hardware
+ - USB Wifi Card that someone said worked on the raspberry pi
+ - Powered usb hub because the raspberry pi doesn't have much power to spare and it kept resetting when trying to power the wifi
+ - Cool [Raspberry Pie Case](
+ - [Arduino Uno]( with [Firmata Firmware 2.4](
+ - [Breadboard]( (not really needed)
+ - [Micro Servo](
+ - Angle brackets, nuts, bolts, and mounting tape (go patronize your local hardware store)
+ - Good old fashion gumption and a drill.
+## Credits
+Rick Waldron for Johnny Five and being a good sport, Julian Gautier and Jeff Hoefs and whoever else worked on Firmata which is awesome, The raspberry pi guys and gals, [Levo League]( for hosting the hack weekend and myself Francis Gulotta.

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