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RECON GIS first aid

A website with examples on common GIS problems in epidemiology.

Live version

It is currently hosted here:

This website is generated using blogdown. The files of the website itself are contained in the /public folder of this github project. Whenever someone pushes a new version of these files, the netlify site gets automatically updated.


The workflow for contributing is fairly simple if you are familiar with using github, and writing Rmarkdown documents:

  1. fork the website on github, so that you will create your own copy of the website

  2. to add a new article to content/posts/, use blogdown::new_post or copy an existing post and change it as appropriate. Each post needs to have some metadata. Look at the existing posts for inspiratio:n

title: <the title of the post>
author: <your name>
caption: <a caption for the frontpage describing in 1 or 2 sentences>
date: <the publishing date of the article>
image: "post/<file name>_files/figure-html/<chunkname>-1.png"
slug: <a slug>
categories: []
tags: []
  1. use blogdown::serve_site to update the website locally (on your computer) and examine your new post; make changes as appropriate

  2. push your changes to your personal fork of the website, and make a pull request


A collection of code gists for mapping infectious diseases




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