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title: Basic Concepts on Vector Borne Disease Modelling
author: Zulma Cucunuba & Pierre Nouvellet
authors: ["Zulma Cucunuba","Pierre Nouvellet"]
categories: ["lectures"]
topics: ["vdb", "malaria","chagas", "zika"]
date: 2017-12-13
image: img/highres/mosquito2.jpg
slug: "basicvbdmodelling"
showonlyimage: true
licenses: CC-BY
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This lecture is about Vector Borne Diseases (VBD) modelling. The aim is to gain a general understanding on the role of modelling on the main vector borne diseases, with special enphasis on Malaria, Chagas and Zika.
# Slides
**Click on the image below to access the slides:**
<a href="../../slides/basicvbd-modelling/basicvbd-modelling.html"><img class="gateway" src="../../img/highres/mosquito2.jpg" width="50%" alt="click there for slides" align="middle"></a>
# About this document
## Contributors
- Zulma Cucunuba & Pierre Nouvellet: initial version
Contributions are welcome via [pull requests](
## Legal stuff
**License**: [CC-BY](
**Copyright**: Zulma Cucunuba & Pierre Nouvellet, 2017