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Tools to develop RECON packages



Not yet on CRAN

Development version

To install the most recent development version use:


What does it do?

Package scaffolding

When starting a new RECON package, you can use init_package to quickly create a default package structure:

# from within your session

# you can also set a specific path for the new package
recontools::init_package("mynewpackage", path = "my_new_package_dir")

# you can also disable the CRAN checks
recontools::init_package("mynewpackage", check_cran_name = FALSE)

In case you want to create a new package from the command line, run:

Rscript -e "recontools::init_package('mynewpackage')"

Please note that using Rscript creates all optional components (like the MIT license) without asking.

init_package currently does the following:

  • Checks if the package name is valid and already taken on CRAN
  • Initializes a git repository, if not already present
  • Creates default .Rbuildignore and .gitignore files
  • Creates an R directory
  • Creates a default DESCRIPTION file
  • Adds an MIT License (asks for it)
  • Adds testthat tests
  • Adds a code of conduct (from the usethis package)
  • Creates a default README.Rmd
  • Creates a sample vignette
  • Adds travis CI + codecov (asks for it)
  • Adds appveyor (asks for it)
  • Adds a default .lintr file
  • Adds a file
  • Runs devtools::document()

Package checks

You can also run package checks for a given package.

# from within your session in a package directory

# to enable goodpractice::gp checks do
recontools::check_package(run_gp = TRUE)

Currently, check_package does the following:

recontools::check_package(run_gp = FALSE)
#> Running RECON specific tests:
#>    x Packages should have at least one rmarkdown vignette
#>    ✓ Packages should not import functions in NAMESPACE but use :: instead
#>    ✓ Packages should have a file
#>    ✓ Packages should have tests
#>    ✓ Packages should use roxygen2
#>    ✓ Packages should use snake case in exported functions
#>    ✓ Packages should have a URL in the DESCRIPTION
#>    ✓ Packages should have a URL for bugreports in the DESCRIPTION
#>    x Packages should have a docs folder or a gh-pages branch.
#>    ✓ Packages should use travis CI for Linux/Mac testing
#>    ✓ Packages should use appveyor CI for Windows testing
#> Consider fixing the issues identified above.
#> However, your package is already phenomenal!


This package is inspired by the goodpractice and the devtools package. In particular it relies on many functions provided by the devtools package.


Tools to develop RECON packages




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