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Reconmap is a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing platform that helps pentesters and other infosec teams collaborate on security projects, from planning, to testing and reporting. The tool's aim is to go from recon to report in the least possible time.


Details on how to connect to the live demo server can be found here.


Go to to find the user, admin and developer manuals.

Runtime requirements

How to run it locally with Docker compose

  1. First you need to start your docker containers:
docker-compose up -d
  1. After this, open your browser at http://localhost:5500

How to contribute

Here are some things you could do to become a contributor:

Before you jump to make any changes make sure you have read the contributing guidelines. This would save us all time. Thanks!

How to report bugs

If you have bugs to report please use the issues tab on Github to submit the details.

If you want to chat to somebody on the development team head to our Gitter channel.