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ROR - The Records On Ribs WordPress Theme

This is the WordPress theme for the current Records On Ribs website.

License - GNU Affero General Public License

This theme is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. For avoidance of doubt, the GNU Affero GPL requires the distribution of source code with an use of this code in a public computer network. If you are using it and have modified it, you must release the source code alongside. Best way to do this is fork it right here on GitHub!

The relevant additional clause is:

" If the Program as you received it is intended to interact with users through a computer network and if, in the version you received, any user interacting with the Program was given the opportunity to request transmission to that user of the Program's complete source code, you must not remove that facility from your modified version of the Program or work based on the Program, and must offer an equivalent opportunity for all users interacting with your Program through a computer network to request immediate transmission by HTTP of the complete source code of your modified version or other derivative work."

Records On Ribs Graphics

By exception, in a similar manner to Mozilla's protection of the Firefox mark, the ROR logo and other related images are copyright Records On Ribs. This is to prevent our logos and images being used for things that we might not endorse.


The WordPress theme for the Records On Ribs website




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