Extended UIView for Interface Builder by using IB_DESIGNABLE and IBInspectable.
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This library extends UIViews for Interface Builder editable. For example, border color, border width, corner radius or graduated background are not supported in Interface Builder. But you can edit them by using this library.


Try out a example project.

pod try EXTView

and open "Main.storyboard".

You can edit border, corner radius and graduated background.


EXTView is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:


pod "EXTView"

NOTE: You must specify 'use_frameworks!'. Because if it was not specified, cocoapods fails to build a EXTView in IB.


  1. Add a view to a storyboard or a xib. Added a UIButton

  2. Select the view and open 'Identity Inspector' and set EXTView class name to 'Class' ( e.g. Added view is a UIButton, you set 'EXTButton' as class name). Set EXTView class name

  3. Open Attributes Inspector and design extended view's attributes. design EXTView's Attributes

    Rendered a EXTView in IB

  4. Build and Run!

Extended UIView List

  • UIView (EXTView)
  • UILabel (EXTLabel)
  • UIButton (EXTButton)
  • UISegmentedControl (EXTSegmentedControl)
  • UITextField (EXTTextField)
  • UISlider (EXTSlider)
  • UISwitch (EXTSwitch)
  • UIActivityIndicatorView (EXTActivityIndicatorView)
  • UIProgressView (EXTProgressView)
  • UIPageControl (EXTPageControl)
  • UIStepper (EXTStepper)
  • UITableView (EXTTableView)
  • UIImageView (EXTImageView)
  • UICollectionView (EXTCollectionView)
  • UICollectionViewCell (EXTCollectionViewCell)
  • UICollectionReusableView (EXTCollectionReusableView)
  • UITextView (EXTTextView)
  • UIScrollView (EXTScrollView)
  • UIPickerView (EXTPickerView)
  • UINavigationBar (EXTNavigationBar)
  • UIToolbar (EXTToolbar)
  • UITabBar (EXTTabBar)
  • UISearchBar (EXTSearchBar)


Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd. Media Technology Lab.

Hideyuki MORITA


EXTView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.