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ACM RecSys Challenge 2016

About: Job Recommendations

Given a XING user, the goal of the RecSys challenge is to develop a recommender system that predicts those job postings that a user will interact with.




Details about evaluation: Evaluation Measure


July 14th: Reminder regarding paper submissions

This is a reminder that the deadline for the corresponding workshop papers in which you describe your solutions is next week: July 20th.

Instructions: paper-submissions

We are looking forward to your papers and seeing you in Boston!

June 22: Final Sprint, Paper Submissions

Dear RecSys 2016 Challenge Participant,

The RecSys 2016 Challenge is proceeding very well. We are very happy to see such a high number of active teams (more than 300 teams registered and 100 teams submitted solutions). An overview of deadlines and additional info about the Challenge is available at: However, we would like to highlight the following points:

Challenge Deadline: June 26th (23:59 Hawaiian time)

The deadline for submitting Challenge solutions is approaching: 26 June (Just under one weeks to go!). We are impressed with what we have been seeing on the leaderboard, but we point out that there is ample opportunity for further improvement. By our estimates, the current top score is approx. 300k points below the recommender currently in use by XING.

RecSys Challenge Workshop, Paper Submissions

The RecSys Challenge Workshop at ACM RecSys 2016 provides you with an opportunity to discuss your algorithms with XING and with the other contenders, to gain additional insight.

  • Each team is required to submit a paper to the workshop (max. 4 pages in length) describing their algorithm. See:
  • Deadline for submitting workshop papers: 20 July
  • The paper will be reviewed by the workshop PC, and acceptance notifications will go out on 1 August. Note that reviewers are very interested in the innovative potential of your ideas: scores are important to claim the prize money, but we are interested in also digger deeper into all viable approaches that participants have taken to the problem.
  • We anticipate that everyone is eager to submit a paper to the workshop. However, for completeness, we also remind you that according to the Challenge rules without a paper you will be removed from the leaderboard.
  • We expect you to be present at the RecSys Challenge Workshop at ACM RecSys 2016 to present your paper. In case of extenuating circumstances, please contact Martha Larson as soon as you become aware of them.

We wish you all the best during the final week of the Challenge and we look forward to seeing you at the RecSys 2016 Challenge Workshop at ACM RecSys 2016.

Best regards, Martha, András, Róbert, Daniel and Fabian