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  1. Forked from mashhoodr/angular2-multicomponent-form

    A demo app using a single form over multiple components + dynamic rendering using directives and services

    TypeScript 6 1

  2. Forked from ksachdeva/angular2-swing

    angular 2 component for the swing library (


  3. A side project where I have taken a Chrome app and converted into an Electron App

    JavaScript 2

  4. A simple Ionic2 Anuglar2 app with the initial signup and login views + menu scafoldded

    HTML 2 1

  5. Forked from rangle/api-koa-starter

    Starter for an API server using Koa and Sequelize with mock model + testing

    JavaScript 2 5

  6. A simple Angular2 application with Loopback, which has some basic elements like authentication configured

    TypeScript 12 6

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