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<p>If this is your first time through the code, read the <a href="http:future.html">Future Module</a> next. You can look at the <a href="http:cache.html">Cache</a>, <a href="http:gc.html">Garbage Collection</a>, and <a href="http:api.html">API</a> modules at your leisure, they arent really core to the algorithm.</p> </td> <td class="code"> <div class="highlight"><pre></pre></div> </td> </tr> <tr id="section-10"> <td class="docs"> <div class="pilwrap"> <a class="pilcrow" href="#section-10">&#182;</a> </div> <hr />
-<p><strong>(c) 2012 <a href="">Reg Braithwaite</a></strong> (<a href="">@raganwald</a>)</p>
+<p><strong>(c) 2012 <a href="">Reg Braithwaite</a></strong> (<a href="">@raganwald</a>)</p>
<p>Cafe au Life is freely distributable under the terms of the <a href="">MIT license</a>.</p>

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