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Ambience Redo mod for Minetest

Based on Immersive Sounds .36 mod by Neuromancer and optimized to run on servers with new fire sounds added when Fire Redo mod is detected...

  • 0.1 - Initial release
  • 0.2 - Code change and new water sounds added
  • 0.3 - Works with Fire Redo mod to provide fire sounds
  • 0.4 - Code optimized
  • 0.5 - Changed to kilbiths smaller sound files and removed canadianloon1, adjusted timings
  • 0.6 - Using new find_nodes_in_area features to count nodes and speed up execution (thanks everamzah)
  • 0.7 - Code tweaks and added Jungle sounds for day and night time
  • 0.8 - override default water sounds for 0.4.14 dev and above, add separate gain for each sound

Code license: MIT