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Red Data Tools

Data processing tools for Ruby

Welcome to red-data-tools!

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@red-data-tools is a community effort to provide data processing tools for Ruby.

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  1. YouPlot YouPlot Public

    A command line tool that draw plots on the terminal.

    Ruby 4k 60

  2. unicode_plot.rb unicode_plot.rb Public

    Plot your data by Unicode characters

    Ruby 245 12

  3. charty charty Public

    Visualizing your data in Ruby

    Ruby 191 28

  4. jekyll-jupyter-notebook jekyll-jupyter-notebook Public

    Jekyll Jupyter Notebook plugin

    Ruby 160 27

  5. red-chainer red-chainer Public

    A flexible framework for neural network for Ruby

    Ruby 103 17

  6. GR.rb GR.rb Public

    Ruby wrapper for the GR framework

    Ruby 92 7


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