A library that provides conversion method between Apache Arrow and Ruby/GSL
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Red Arrow GSL


Red Arrow GSL is a library that provides converters between Apache Arrow's array data (Arrow::*Array) / tensor data (Arrow::Tensor) and Ruby/GSL's vector data (GSL::Vector and GSL::Vector::Int) / matrix data (GSL::Matrix::*).

Red Arrow GSL adds Arrow::*Array#to_gsl/Arrow::Tensor#to_gsl for Apache Arrow to GSL conversion. Red Arrow GSL adds GSL::Vector#to_arrow/GSL::Vector::Int#to_arrow/GSL::Matrix::*#to_arrow for GSL to Apache Arrow conversion.


% gem install red-arrow-gsl


require "arrow-gsl"

double_array.to_gsl # -> An object of GSL::Vector
int32_array.to_gsl  # -> An object of GSL::Vector::Int
tensor.to_gsl       # -> An object of GSL::Matrix or GSL::Matrix::Int

gsl_vector.to_arrow     # -> An object of Arrow::DoubleArray
gsl_int_vector.to_arrow # -> An object of Arrow::Int32Array
gsl_matrix.to_arrow     # -> An object of Arrow::Tensor




Apache License 2.0. See doc/text/apache-2.0.txt for details.

(Kouhei Sutou has a right to change the license including contributed patches.)