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Ruby bindings for OpenCL based on GObject Introspection
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Red OpenCV


Red OpenCV is a Ruby bindings of OpenCV. Red OpenCV is based on GObject Introspection.

OpenCV is a computer vision library.

GObject Introspection is a middleware for language bindings of C library. GObject Introspection can generate language bindings automatically at runtime.

Red OpenCV uses OpenCV GLib and gobject-introspection gem to generate Ruby bindings of OpenCV.

OpenCV GLib is a C wrapper for OpenCV. GObject Introspection can't use OpenCV directly because OpenCV uses C++. OpenCV GLib is a bridge between OpenCV and GObject Introspection.

gobject-introspection gem is a Ruby bindings of GObject Introspection. Red OpenCV uses GObject Introspection via gobject-introspection gem.


Install OpenCV GLib before install Red OpenCV. Use for installing OopenCV GLib.

Install Red OpenCV after you install OpenCV GLib:

% gem install red-opencv


require "cv"





The 3-Clause BSD license. See LICENSE for details.

(Kouhei Sutou has a right to change the license including contributed patches.)

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