@qreeves qreeves released this Jan 17, 2017 · 81 commits to stable since this release

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Red Eclipse v1.5.8 (Elysium Edition) has been released!

  • New maps, mapmodels, and vanity items have been added.
  • Grenade now transitions from green to red based on the fuse timer.
  • Added the ability to make bots perform specific actions (stand, dance, crouch).
  • IP addresses are now private and shown only to moderators.
  • Optimised game variable resets to reduce network flooding.
  • Added basic support for CMake.
  • Improved team balancing mechanics, including using statistics if available.
  • Improved behaviour of reset-to-floor for flags/bombs/etc.
  • Improved some visual aspects of the HUD and text rendering.
  • Improved edit mode prefabs, pasting, and undo/redo in multiplayer.
  • Fixed instances where multi-GPU setups were not switching to the high performance processor.
  • Fixed edit mode when editing entities in multiplayer.
  • Fixed wire particle entity rendering.
  • Fixed stereoscopic view types.