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fpPS4 CI

This emulator is still in the early stages of development and big games like the tripple A game still don't work, see the compatibility list for more details:

If your game doesn't work don't create a new issue, check the compatibility list first.

If you want to know the details or just chat, welcome to the discord:

I am currently rewriting the emulator core in the kern branch and until the work is completed, there will be no support for specific games.


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PS4 compatibility layer (emulator) written with Free Pascal

This project is currently at the beginning and started for fun.


  • Free Pascal compiler: 3.3.1 (use fpcupdeluxe with trunk), x86_64 only.
  • Lazarus: 2.0.0 and higher, x86_64 only.

Minimum system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 and higher
  • CPU: x64, AVX2 support
  • GPU: Vulkan API support

Game compatibility tracker

Control layout

To switch to borderless full screen mode, press Alt-Enter.

fpPS4 supports XInput-compatible gamepads natively. You can remap buttons by pressing Esc on the keyboard during emulation. Regardless, you can use a keyboard as a input. A DualShock4 touchpad is emulated by the mouse.

Keyboard layout:

PS4 Gamepad button Keyboard button
Left Stick Up W
Left Stick Left A
Left Stick Down S
Left Stick Right D
Right Stick Up I
Right Stick Left J
Right Stick Down K
Right Stick Right L
Dpad Up Arrow Up
Dpad Left Arrow Left
Dpad Down Arrow Down
Dpad Right Arrow Right
Triangle Numpad 8
Square Numpad 4
Cross Numpad 2
Circle Numpad 6
L1 Q
L2 1
L3 Z
R1 E
R2 4
R3 C