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Unset! datatype

1. Abstract

Unset! is a single value that represents no usable value.

2. Creation

Unset values can be created at runtime using a make constructor or a to conversion.

make unset! <any-thing>

to unset! <any-thing>

3. Literal syntax

There is no literal syntax for unset!. It is the result of evaluating (), do [], print, or get/any <word> when <word> has not been set.

4. Testing values

Use unset? to check if a value is of the unset! datatype.

>> unset? 1
== false

>> unset? ()
== true

>> unset? unset 'x
== true

Use type? to return the datatype of a given value.

>> type? unset 'x
== unset!

5. Predefined words

5.1. Functions


5.2. Natives