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Url! datatype

1. Abstract

An url! value represents a reference to a network resource and allows for directly expressing Uniform Resource Locators.

Url! is a member of the following typesets: any-string!, series!

2. Creation

Url values can be created using literal syntax, or at runtime by using a make constructor or to conversion.

>> make url! [foo bar baz]
== foo://bar/baz
>> to url! [ftp localhost]
== ftp://localhost

3. Literal syntax

One or more characters followed by a colon :, followed by one or more characters.

Url Encoding converts, such as %20 and %30, are allowed.

4. Comparisons

All comparators can be applied on url!: =, ==, <>, >, <, >=, <=, =?. In addition, min, and max are also supported.

5. Testing values

Use url? to check if a value is of the url! datatype.

>> url?
== true

Use type? to return the datatype of a given value.

>> url?
== true

6. Predefined words

6.1. Actions

read, write

6.2. Functions

clean-path, dir?, dirize, do-file, do-thru, exists-thru?, load, load-thru, path-thru, read-thru, save, split-path, suffix?, to-url, url?

6.3. Natives

browse, dehex