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Title: "Builds and Runs a single Red/System Tests"
File: %run-test.r
Author: "Peter W A Wood"
Version: 0.8.1
License: "BSD-3 -"
;; include quick-test.r
do %quick-test.r
;; set the base dir for the test source
qt/tests-dir: system/options/path
print ["system/options/path " system/options/path]
print ["qt/test-dir" qt/tests-dir]
print rejoin ["Quick-Test v" system/script/header/version]
print rejoin ["Running under REBOL " system/version]
;; get the name of the test file
src: system/script/args
either any [
(not find src ".r") and (not find src ".reds")
not src: to-file src
print "No valid test file supplied"
print ["run-test src " src]
either find src ".reds" [
;; compile & run reds pgm
either exe: qt/compile src [
qt/run exe
print qt/output
print "Compile Error!!!"
print qt/comp-output
either find read qt/tests-dir/:src "quick-unit-test.r" [
--run-unit-test src
;; copy and run rebol script
qt/run-script src
prin ""
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