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Red [
Title: "Rich Text Dialect"
Author: "Nenad Rakocevic"
Tabs: 4
Rights: "Copyright (C) 2018 Red Foundation. All rights reserved."
License: {
Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
context [
stack: make block! 10
color-stk: make block! 5
out: text: s-idx: s: pos: v: l: cur: pos1: none
mark: make block! 5 col: 0 cols: make block! 5
;--- Parsing rules ---
nested: [ahead block! into rtd]
color: [
s: tuple! (v: s/1) ;-- color as R.G.B tuple
| issue! (v: hex-to-rgb s/1) ;-- color as #rgb or #rrggbb hex value
| word! if (tuple? attempt [v: get s/1])
f-args: [
ahead block! into [integer! string! | string! integer!]
| integer!
| string!
style!: make typeset! [word! tag! tuple! path!]
style: [ahead style! [
['b | 'bold | <b>] (push 'b) [nested | rtd [/b | /bold | </b>]] (pop 'b)
| ['i | 'italic | <i>] (push 'i) [nested | rtd [/i | /italic | </i>]] (pop 'i)
| ['u | 'underline | <u>] (push 'u) [nested | rtd [/u | /underline | </u>]] (pop 'u)
| ['s | 'strike | <s>] (push 's) [nested | rtd [/s | /strike | </s>]] (pop 's)
| ['f | 'font | <font>]
s: f-args (push either block? s/1 [head insert copy s/1 'f][reduce ['f s/1]])
[nested | rtd [/f | /font | </font>]]
(pop 'f)
| ['bg | <bg>] color (push reduce ['bg v]) [nested | rtd [/bg | </bg>]] (pop 'bg)
| color (push-color v) opt [nested (pop-color)]
| ahead path!
into [
(col: 0 insert/only mark tail stack) some [ ;@@ implement any-single
(v: none)
s: ['b | 'i | 'u | 's | word! if (tuple? attempt [v: get s/1])]
(either v [col: col + 1 push-color v][push s/1])
](insert cols col)
nested (pop-all take mark)
rtd: [some [pos: style | s: [string! | char!] (append text s/1 s-idx: tail-idx?)]]
;--- Functions ---
tail-idx?: does [index? tail text]
push-color: func [c [tuple!]][reduce/into [s-idx '_ c] tail color-stk]
pop-color: has [entry pos][
entry: skip tail color-stk -3
repend out [as-pair entry/1 tail-idx? - entry/1 entry/3]
new-line skip tail out -2 on
clear entry
close-colors: has [pos][
pos: tail color-stk
while [pos: find/reverse pos '_][
pos/1: tail-idx?
insert out as-pair pos/-1 tail-idx? - pos/-1
insert next out pos/2
new-line out on
pos: remove/part skip pos -1 3
push: func [style [word! block!]][reduce/into [s-idx style] tail stack]
pop: function [style [word!]][
entry: back back tail stack
type: any [all [block? entry/2 entry/2/1] entry/2]
either style = type [
if entry/1 < tail-idx? [ ;-- ignore zero-range styles
append out as-pair entry/1 tail-idx? - entry/1
new-line back tail out on
append out switch style [
b ['bold]
i ['italic]
u ['underline]
s ['strike]
f [next entry/2]
bg [reduce ['backdrop entry/2/2]]
clear skip tail stack -2
][cause-error 'script 'rtd-no-match reduce [style]]
pop-all: function [mark [block!] /extern col][
first?: yes
unless empty? cols [repeat i take cols [pop-color]]
while [mark <> tail stack][
pop last stack
either first? [first?: no][remove skip tail out -2]
optimize: function [][ ;-- combine same ranges together
parse out [
any [
cur: pos: pair! (range: pos/1) [to pair! pos: pos1: | to end] e:
any [
to range s: skip [to pair! | to end] e: (
s: remove s
either tuple? s/1 [pos: next cur][pos: pos1]
e: skip move/part s pos l: offset? s back e l
) :e
pos: :cur mov: no
while [pos: find/reverse pos pair!][
case [
any [
pos/1/1 > cur/1/1
all [pos/1/1 = cur/1/1 pos/1/2 < cur/1/2]
mov: yes
pos1: :pos
if head? pos1 [
move/part cur pos1 offset? cur e
mov [
move/part cur pos1 offset? cur e
'else [break]
set 'rtd-layout func [
"Returns a rich-text face from a RTD source code"
spec [block!] "RTD source code"
/only "Returns only [text data] facets"
/with "Populate an existing face object"
face [object!] "Face object to populate"
return: [object! block!]
clear stack
clear color-stk
out: make block! 50
text: make string! 100
s-idx: 1
unless parse spec rtd [cause-error 'script 'rtd-invalid-syntax reduce [pos]]
case [
only [reduce [text out]]
with [face/text: text face/data: out face]
'else [face: make-face/spec 'rich-text reduce [text] face/data: out face]