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Title: "Builds and Runs All Red and Red/System Tests"
File: %run-all.r
Author: "Peter W A Wood"
Version: 0.3.0
License: "BSD-3 -"
;; function to find and run-tests
run-all-script: func [
dir [file!]
file [file!]
qt/tests-dir: system/script/path/:dir
foreach line read/lines dir/:file [
if any [
find line "===start-group"
find line "--run-"
do line
batch-mode: false
each-mode: false
binary-compiler?: false
args: any [system/script/args system/options/args]
if args [
;; should we run non-interactively?
batch-mode: find system/script/args "--batch"
;; should we run each file individually?
each-mode: find system/script/args "--each"
;; should we use the binary compiler?
args: parse system/script/args " "
if find system/script/args "--binary" [
binary-compiler?: true
bin-compiler: select args "--binary"
if any [
bin-compiler = "--batch"
bin-complier = "--each"
bin-compiler: none ;; use default
if bin-compiler [
if not attempt [exists? to file! bin-compiler] [
either batch-mode [
write %quick-test/quick-test.log "Invalid compiler path"
quit/return 1
print "Invalid compiler path supplied"
print args
print ""
;; supress script messages
store-quiet-mode: system/options/quiet
system/options/quiet: true
store-current-dir: what-dir
do %quick-test/quick-test.r
qt/tests-dir: clean-path %/tests/
if binary-compiler? [
qt/binary-compiler?: binary-compiler?
if bin-compiler [qt/bin-compiler: bin-compiler]
qt/tests-dir: clean-path %system/tests/
do %system/tests/source/units/make-red-system-auto-tests.r
qt/tests-dir: clean-path %tests/
do %tests/source/units/run-all-init.r
;; run the tests
print ["Quick-Test v" qt/version]
print ["REBOL " system/version]
start-time: now/precise
print ["This test started at" start-time]
***start-run-quiet*** "Complete Red Test Suite"
qt/script-header: "Red []"
do %tests/source/units/run-pre-extra-tests.r
either each-mode [
do %tests/source/units/auto-tests/run-each-comp.r
do %tests/source/units/auto-tests/run-each-interp.r
--run-test-file-quiet %source/units/auto-tests/
--run-test-file-quiet %source/units/auto-tests/
--run-test-file-quiet %source/units/auto-tests/
do %tests/source/units/run-post-extra-tests.r
qt/script-header: "Red/System []"
qt/tests-dir: clean-path %system/tests/
run-all-script %system/tests/ %run-all.r
end-time: now/precise
print [" in" difference end-time start-time newline]
print ["The test finished at" end-time]
system/options/quiet: store-quiet-mode
either batch-mode [
quit/return either qt/test-run/failures > 0 [1] [0]
print ["The test output was logged to" qt/log-file]
ask "hit enter to finish"
print ""