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Usage: red [command] [options] [file]
[file]: any Red or Red/System source file. If no file and no option is provided, the graphical interactive console will be launched. If a file with no option is provided, the file will be simply run by the interpreter (it is expected to be a Red script with no Red/System code).
Note: On Non-Windows platforms, the REPL runs by default in CLI mode. But on Windows, the default is to run in GUI mode. To run it in the command line mode, invoke the red binary with the option `--cli`.
-c, --compile : Generate an executable in the working
folder, using libRedRT. (developement mode)
-d, --debug, --debug-stabs : Compile source file in debug mode. STABS
is supported for Linux targets.
-dlib, --dynamic-lib : Generate a shared library from the source
-e, --encap : Compile in encap mode, so code is interpreted
at runtime. Avoids compiler issues. Required
for some dynamic code.
-h, --help : Output this help text.
-o <file>, --output <file> : Specify a non-default [path/][name] for
the generated binary file.
-r, --release : Compile in release mode, linking everything
together (default: development mode).
-s, --show-expanded : Output result of Red source code expansion by
the preprocessor.
-t <ID>, --target <ID> : Cross-compile to a different platform
target than the current one (see targets
table below).
-u, --update-libRedRT : Rebuild libRedRT and compile the input script
(only for Red scripts with R/S code).
-v <level>, --verbose <level> : Set compilation verbosity level, 1-3 for
Red, 4-11 for Red/System.
-V, --version : Output Red's executable version in x.y.z
--cli : Run the command-line REPL instead of the
graphical console.
--config [...] : Provides compilation settings as a block
of `name: value` pairs.
--no-runtime : Do not include runtime during Red/System
source compilation.
--red-only : Stop just after Red-level compilation.
Use higher verbose level to see compiler
output. (internal debugging purpose)
build libRed [stdcall] : Builds libRed library and unpacks the
libRed/ folder locally.
clear [<path>] : Delete all temporary files from current
or target <path> folder.
Cross-compilation targets:
MSDOS : Windows, x86, console (+ GUI) applications
Windows : Windows, x86, GUI applications
WindowsXP : Windows, x86, GUI applications, no touch API
Linux : GNU/Linux, x86
Linux-ARM : GNU/Linux, ARMv5, armel (soft-float)
RPi : GNU/Linux, ARMv5, armhf (hard-float)
Darwin : macOS Intel, console or GUI applications
macOS : macOS Intel, GUI-only, applications bundles
Syllable : Syllable OS, x86
FreeBSD : FreeBSD, x86
Android : Android, ARMv5
Android-x86 : Android, x86