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Minor documentation issues on keywords #286

meijeru opened this Issue · 4 comments

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In the list in section 18 of the specification, & is mentioned as reserved, it is not. OTOH, null is not mentioned, and it IS reserved.


& is reserved for future possible use, the mention in the documentation is for preventing users from using that symbol as identifier in their code. null should be mentioned.


But experimentally, &: 1 is compiled without any problem!


The current Red/System compiler code will be trashed in a few months (Red/System rewrite in Red should start in January), do you think it is worth time and code lines to enforce that?

@dockimbel dockimbel closed this

Let's leave it then...

@dockimbel dockimbel referenced this issue from a commit
@dockimbel dockimbel DOCS: specification revision 37 released.
*>Issue #280 fixed (missing function! as possible target in type casting matrix)
*>Issue #283 fixed (uint8! mentions removed from document, only kept as possible evolutions)
*>Issue #286 fixed (missing `null` keyword in reserved keywords list)
*>Changed precedence order in WITH namespaces list
*>Changed description of modulo/remainder for floats, now they give the same result.
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