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Adding an integer to a string: when is it checked? #289

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When provoking the previous issue, I noticed that 1 + "c" will compile without protest, but print 1 + "c" will give an math-code error, as will the assignment a: 1 + "c".

Moreover, "c" + 1 compiles happily, whereas print "c" + 1 will give:

*** Compiler Internal Error: Script Error : Invalid argument: none
*** Where: emit-integer-operation
*** Near:  [forall list [
expr: list/1
if block? unbox expr [comp-expression expr yes]
if object? expr [cast expr]
if type <> 'inline [
emitter/target/emit-argument expr functions/:name

It does not make a difference!


A few type checkings are obviously missing.


It is a side-effect of pointer arithmetics. No distinction is made between a literal string and non-literal one. I need to add some checking to raise a compilation error.


1 + "c" (or reversed expression) will compile silently because this expression will be caught by the dead code detection routine (added 2-3 months ago) and will not generate any native code. As the functions arguments type checking appends later in the compilation process, no error is raised.

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