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float! and float64! not completely compatible #300

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I am sorry to go on nagging, but look at this:

v: declare pointer![float64!] d: 1.0 v: :d

-= Red/System Compiler =-
Compiling tests/mytest.reds ...
*** Compilation Error: attempt to change type of variable: v
*** from: [pointer! [float64!]]
***   to: [pointer! [float!]]

If I remember correctly, float! -> float64! casting and/or float32! -> float64! casting is not implemented.


But float! and float64! are synonyms, so casting shouldn't be needed?

Red Programming Language member

@iceflow19 float! -> float32! -> float! castings are implemented since this summer at least. Let me know if you find bugs in using them.

Float! and float64! are synonyms.

@dockimbel dockimbel closed this
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