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Pen 'OFF in Draw PUSH block turns the Pen off after the PUSH block on MacOS #4006

rgchris opened this issue Aug 25, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented Aug 25, 2019

Describe the bug
When using pen 'off within a PUSH block, the pen is subsequently 'off following the PUSH block:

To reproduce

view [
    box 400x400 coal draw [
        pen red
        fill-pen green
        box 10x10 300x300
        push [
            pen off
            fill-pen blue
            box 30x30 320x320
        box 50x50 340x340

Expected behavior
I'd expect the third block to have a red border


Platform version (please complete the following information)

Red 0.6.4 for macOS built 21-Aug-2019/17:19:11-04:00 commit #84f55a2
@qtxie qtxie self-assigned this Aug 25, 2019
qtxie added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 25, 2019
… the PUSH block on MacOS)
@qtxie qtxie closed this Aug 26, 2019
qtxie added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 28, 2019
* FIX: help error info will be printed to buffer

* FIX: issue #3333 (dump-reactions instabilities and regression since march) where `is` produces a wrong excessive reaction

* TESTS: for PR #3884 partly fixing issue #3333

* FIX: issues #3087 (Console size is not defined when script starts), #3678 (`help` is often useless when invoked from within a CLI script)

* FIX: issue #3835 (wrong rounded cornors )

* FIX: issue #3835 (capture window with title bar)

* FIX: issue #3951 (parse-macros don't get substituted anymore)

Extra fix for #3927.

* FIX: issue #3835 (combine title bar and nsview to avoid some lost area)

* FIX: issue #3545 (set the text to "", if it has no value)

* TESTS: add test for #3951.

* FIX: issue #3883 (Compiled code does not follow standard operator precedence rules)

* FIX: issue #3961 (gui-console crashed on macOS)

* TESTS: adds test for issue #3961.

* FIX: macOS: issue #3980 (`layout/parent` causes access violation)

* FIX: issue #3776 (update button image)

* FIX: issue #3776 (free the unused image list)

* FIX: issue #3795 (dpi scale issue for event/offset)

* FIX: issue #3741 (over/away's event/offset not right)

* FIX: issue #3619 (event/picked return none, if menu's id not be set)

* FIX: use more clear value

* FIX: issue #3805 ([CRASH] when reactor!/on-change* is overridden)

* FIX: issue #3768 (sort with comparator function returning number sorts incorrectly)

* FIX: issue #3771 (Inside a function macros expand only once)

* TESTS: adds runtime preprocessor tests.

This file is not included yet in the tests suite, as it crashes badly, so need preliminary investigation and fixing.

* TEST: update SORT tests.

* FIX: issue #3759 (`round/to/floor -2.4 1.0` should equal `round/to/floor -2.4 1` )

* FEAT: round/to support time!

* FIX: issue #1957 (REFLECT not defined on string! vector! binary! and hash!)

* FEAT: code refactoring in port type to remove unnecessary extra code.

* FIX: issue #2554 (Fields of error value can be set, with fatal result)

* FIX: issue #2688 (SAVE does not accept binary! as destination)

* FIX: make SAVE preserve the formatting of a molded argument value.

    save :append
    print read

* FIX: issue #2659 (Programming error and strange decision in comparing pairs)

* FIX: issue #395 (Console crash if break is evaluated on foreach-face loop)

Note: the root cause of the crash is not fixed.

* FIX: issue #3991 (Console crash if break is evaluated on foreach-face loop)

Note: the root cause of the crash is not fixed.

* FIX: issue #2657 (Inconsistency in comparing object with error)

* FIX: issue #2792 (revert #1558 e85962, and no crashing)

* FIX: issue #2658 (Strange algorithm for comparing objects)

* FIX: issue #2184 (Tests float-divide 37, 38, 47, & 48 fail on Windows.)

* FIX: workaround float loading issues for tests in #2184.

Cross-platform float loading issues documented in #3993.

* FIX: additional workaround for ARM in float tests fro #2184.

* FIX: issue #2662 (comparison of time and integer is inconsistent)

* FIX: Win: flickering when drag the `drag me` button in

* FIX: gui-console doesn't quit properly in some cases.

* FIX: paste text not be prompted on macOS

* FIX: issue #3427 (`parse/part` meets `end` = strange behavior)

* TESTS: adds regression tests for #3427.

* FEAT: adds thread.reds in runtime.

* FIX: issue #3653 (expand-directives allows a paren argument, but this always errors out)

* FIX: issue #2556 (Wrong error message when setting event component other than type)

* FIX: renames a few function names in %thread.reds.

* FIX: rename %thread.reds to %threads.reds.

* FIX: issue #2646 (make op! allows invalid construction syntax / returned op! causes crash)

* FIX: issue #2660 (Pairs are wrongly compared for greater etc)

* FIX: issue #3104 (map: same date keys treated differently because of hidden timezone state)

* FIX: issue #3143 (trim/lines resulting in vertical block)

* FIX: issue #3187 (DOC: Red/System literal arrays may contain c-strings, contrary to what is stated in the syntax)

* TESTS: adds test for issue #3636

* FIX: issue #3356 (spec block in OBJECT! and FUNCTION! is used from head rather than from index)

* FIX: issue #3395 (max and min are not compatible with > and <)

* FIX: issue #3522 (return spec of modify action is incorrrect)

* FIX: minor comments re-indentation.

* FEAT: console support history

* FIX: insert line at history head in cli console

* FIX: rename save-cfg like internal function

* FIX: update max if insert line on history

* FIX: add cli config file to include.r

* FIX: red.exe create cli issue

* FIX: issue #3406 (`construct` result is order-dependent)

* TESTS: add tests for #3406.

* FIX: same ordering issue as #3406 for `make <obj> <proto>` pattern.

* FEAT: check uncompressed data size in decompress/zlib.

* FEAT: adds support for system/cpu/fence for setting a memory ordering barrier.

The barrier is a sequentially consistent fence type.

* FIX: removes some unused local words.

* FEAT: preliminary support for atomic operations using system/atomic/*

Note: system/cpu/fence was moved to system/atomic/fence.

* FEAT: adds support for system/atomic/cas.

* FEAT: adds get-word support for pointer argument after atomic/cas and atomic/<op>.

* TESTS: add some tests for atomic operations.

* TESTS: add test for CAS operation.

* TEST: add some failed cases in atomic tests.

* FEAT: improved the implementation of atomic operations.

The pointer argument can now be any expression returning a pointer! value.

* FEAT: adds support for system/atomic/<op>/old, returning the old value.

* FEAT: adds a FIFO MPMC queue in R/S.

* FEAT: implements system/atomic/fence for ARM.

* FEAT: the queue.reds can be compiled now.

* TESTS: add tests for R/S queue.

* TESTS: add more tests for atomic operations.

* FIX: issue #4005 ([View] regression in Windows backend).

* FIX: issue #4006 (Pen 'OFF in Draw PUSH block turns the Pen off after the PUSH block on MacOS)

* FIX: issue #3077 (`insert` key work for richtext)

* FEAT: implements system/atomic/load & store for ARM.

* FIX: properly set the Tag_CPU_arch in ELF/ARM for newer architectures.

* FEAT: implements system/atomic/cas for ARM.

* FEAT: minor code reduction.

* FEAT: implements atomic math operations for ARM.

* FIX: gui-console's context menu shortcuts on macOS

* FIX: cannot create thread on POSIX.

* FIX: `quit` console can't save config

* FIX: extra print when called from other app

* FIX: avoid to allocate buffer foreach console input

* FIX: improve `terminal initial flow`

* FIX: fixes and improves returned value handling in atomic math ops on IA-32.

* DOCS: replaces default font Trebuchet MS by Arial.

* DOCS: adds description of system/atomic/* intrinsics.

* FIX: issue #3997 (Using `#include` in context will not be compiled successfully)

* FIX: Windows: CLI console cannot be compiled.

* TESTS: enables the atomic tests and queue tests. (#4011)

* TESTS: adds atomic tests and queue tests into the testsuite.

* TESTS: adds cdecl calling convention in thread functions on non-Windows platforms.

* TESTS: atomic operations are not supported on ARMv5 yet.

* TESTS: makes the test framework happy.

* FIX: macOS: line properties cannot be set in some cases in DRAW.
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