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dockimbel added some commits Dec 13, 2013
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: preliminary changes for packaging support in the tool-chain. fc21ee5
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: preliminary release of the APK packager.
Tested only on Windows so far.
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: now the APK file is generated in the working folder.
FIX: .so intermediary file is removed from working folder.
FIX: added missing local words in `process` function.
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: several regressions on APK generation. 244cce4
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: PIC mode not used for compilation when DLL mode is set from conf…
…ig file instead of command-line.
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: paths values are no more compiled, but interpreted only.
This change is required for broad path values support by the compiler, while waiting for the type inference engine to come to life (should be brought by the objects compilation support).
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: preliminary support for pair! datatype.
No support for runtime lexer yet and not all actions are implemented.
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: added runtime lexer support for pair! literals. 35cb25f
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: pair! path accesses were corrupting stack. c8e0c84
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: added math operation support to pair!. b012d38
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: remove misplaced debug log. 55e5f88
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: extended MAKE on logic! to accept any datatype.
Can be used for converting values to logic! until we get TO support.
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: ZERO? now supports pair! values. 3fdf380
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: dead code removal. 6a0e806
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: comparison actions support added to pair!. 5a89cd9
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: comments minor indentation fix. 032e2da
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: compiler was not generating correct code for literal pair! value…
…s creation in blocks.
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: pair! set-path access was not picking the value to be set correc…
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: routine! spec block now accepts [any-type!] as a datatype speci…
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: MAKE action for pair! now accept an integer! or a block of two i…
…ntegers as spec value.
@dockimbel dockimbel FIX: word lookups in blocks using a path accessor were not working pr…
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: Red JNI bridge extended to handle object fields (getting/setting). 02acc4f
@dockimbel dockimbel FEAT: Red/Java bridge extended to handle getting/setting of object fi…

    <value:> java-get [<object>/<field>]
    java-set [<object>/<field> <value>]

I guess you made a mistake by sending a pull request for this as it look like a merge of Red's android and master branches.

@dockimbel dockimbel closed this Feb 18, 2014
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