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This is more like a request for comments, as it is my first time to try this, hope it works.

Adding help and watch to the console build:

red>> help help

help func-name

Get help for functions

'func-name => Word you are looking for


What would be the best way to add tests to these functions, which return nothing, but only print?


The best way to test this is to write quick-test.r tests and use the —assert-printed? assertion.

There is an example in the test suite - Red/tests/source/compiler/print-test.r

If you don't use Red/quick-test/run-test.r %your-test.r to run the test you will need to do %quick-test.r inside your test script.

For tests written using quick-test.r, you will need to write both compiler and interpreter tests. This means duplicating the tests and enclosing the test code in a do block to test the interpreter. (We automatically generate interpreter tests for tests written with quick-test.red).



You should declare manually all the local words used in your parsing rules with SET or COPY as they won't be auto-detected by FUNCTION constructor.

Other remarks:

  • it would be nice to have HELP display a usage text when invoked with no arguments.
  • adding the pattern searching feature of the Rebol HELP would be really cool
  • WHAT should display (aligned) the descriptive docstring for functions.

BTW, Gregg has wrote a HELP port also for Red along with a bunch of mezzanines but it's on AltME in %red/mezz/ folder. You should have a look at it.

I am merging it anyway, you can just send me more pull requests with updates.

@dockimbel dockimbel merged commit f5e579c into red:master Feb 20, 2014
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