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LibRed tests and demo files

Download test.xlsm and libRed.dll files and put them in a folder together, then you can run the Excel demos.

The libRed.dll precompiled library (using stdcall ABI) provided in this folder is required for the text.xlsm demo. That Excel file contains three Excel/libRed integration demos:

  • Pong: shows how to integrate a VBA form with a Red window and handle all events in a common event loop. This demo is optimized for Windows 7, using display font size of 100% and Aero activated. Other Windows settings and versions would need some code tweaking to get the VB form window position and size adjusted (a contributed general solution for that is welcome).

  • Extractor: shows how to invoke Parse DSL from VBA in order to process a cell text content.

  • Console: simple Red console made from Excel cells, shows how to create VBA callbacks in Red.

The test.c file just contains some raw tests for libRed integration with C language. It requires a libRed binary compiled using cdecl ABI (using red build libRed command-line), it cannot run properly with the provided libRed.dll file (which is compiled for stdcall ABI).