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Welcome to the Red programming language wiki!

NEWS ITEM - Tokens, Wallets and Cryptocurrencies.

RED Wallet: the tiny, simple, fast and secure wallet!

"BeardPower" has kindly authored a beginner's guide for members of the Red Community who are unfamiliar with ICOs, wallets and cryptocurrencies.

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Getting Started Documentation Community About Red
Getting Started Documentation Community About Red
Follow along with our short getting started guide.
If you prefer, you can go directly to our downloads page.
Our official documentation for Red and Red/System.
You can also read our readme, or check out some code at our official github repository.
Red has a fast growing, diverse, and friendly global community.
Have a look at our communication values, and then join the fun on Gitter chat or our mailing list.
Red’s ambitious goal is to build the world’s first full-stack language, from the system level (like C), through high-level scripting, and on to metaprogramming. All in a self-contained toolchain.

Note: only the Red team is allowed to make changes to this page, all direct changes by third-parties will be rolled-back.

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