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Welcome to the Red programming language wiki!


Beginners Guides

Be welcomed to the Red Community by following our Communication Values.




Further Reading

Reference Material

News Feeds

To read the RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader. There is a Chrome Plugin available.


Checkout the Contributors' Guide if you would like to contribute to Red.


Design Deliberations:

From time to time, some structured deliberations are needed to allow the best design decisions to be made.

Red Enhancement Proposals:

Proposals related to Red follow The Red Enhancement Proposal Process.

Stage 1 - Submitted Proposals

REP 0101 - For Loop

Stage 2 - Community Supported Proposals

None so far.

Stage 3 - Proposals For Evaluation

None so far.

Stage 4 - Proposals Scheduled To Be Implemented

None so far.

Stage 5 - Implemented Proposals

None so far.

The following proposals were developed before the Red Enhancement Proposal process was introduced. They need to be re-formatted according to the Red Enhancement Proposal process.


Note: only the Red team is allowed to make changes to this page, all direct changes by third-parties will be rolled-back.