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system/codecs allows defining encoders and decoders that can be used by load and save in addition to the default Red format.

This is a brief discussion of the current state of affairs and ideas for possible improvements. It might evolve into separate documentation (for people wanting to use system/codecs) and design document (for the Red team).

Basic codec example

append system/codecs reduce [
    'name context [
        Title:     "Title for the codec"
        Name:      'name
        Mime-Type: [mime/type]
        Suffixes:  [%.suffix]
        encode: func [value [any-type!] where [file! url! none!]] [
            ; encode VALUE and either write it to WHERE or return it (typically as a STRING! or BINARY!)
            ; if you are writing it directly, return WHERE, otherwise return the encoded data
        decode: func [source [file! url! string! binary!]] [
            ; decode SOURCE and return the decoded data
            ; you don't really get URL! values here as LOAD will READ/BINARY them for you
            ; you always get the FILE! for files (so you always have to READ yourself)


  • load will always read url! values for you, but you have to read files in decode; this seems inconsistent; perhaps it should always read/binary then decode can decide if to convert the binary to string first

  • with save you have the choice to let it write the data for you or not, though the mechanism to do so is a bit obscure; perhaps it should always write for you, and decide on using /binary or not depending on whether you return string! or binary!

  • I suspect that the reason for the way it is currently implemented is to allow streaming encoders and decoders; but it would perhaps be better to have a simple common case where load and save do the work for you and have a flag to indicate if the codec supports streaming; you'd want to use ports for that anyway and not have the codecs deal with file! or url! directly

JSON Codec

Here you can find the JSON Codec implementation as an example.

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