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[LINKS] Design questions

Vladimir Vasilyev edited this page May 24, 2019 · 6 revisions

This page is mainly intended to host links to open design questions so that less active community members may give their input to influence and bring closer the final outcome. Yet feel free to add also explanations of the current designs and arguments on design corner stones that arise from time to time.

The page is not intended to mirror the red/REP repo, only to be an addition to it.

It is preferable to keep these lists sorted by the impact of the question (from the most to the least influential).

Open questions

Vector & matrix DSL design

Parse DSL: simplify fail rule to [end skip], break/reject to return success/failure from the loop (while/any/some), break now as an emergency exit from the loop, bring also into parsing

Parse DSL: rules with arguments

Core: open problems of the object design

Core: efficient vector arithmetic

VID DSL: automatically bind (literal only?) actor & reaction bodies to the face?

Core: behavior of series access outside the data boundaries

VID DSL: should it allow to override already defined actors (e.g. base on-down [probe 1] [probe 2])?

Core: how to solve inelegancies and dangers of error? try, attempt and catch on arbitrary code?

Core: how to allow maps to have none values?

Historical questions & explanations

Arguments on why paths evaluate picked items (so-called active accessors)

Command line argument parsing rules

Why word and a single-word path are different (despite the visual similarity)

Core: :get-word function argument evaluation semantics: R2- or R3-like? (final?)

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