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[NOTES] Compiler Limitations

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Compiler overview: (old)

Objects Implementation Notes:

GET of compiled object method doesn't run: #924

Inner func capture compiler issue: #2542

Returned value from function defined in context differs during compiled app execution: #2910

When compiling mixed Red + Red/system programs, it is necessary to compile using the release mode option (-r).

#1342 is a dynamic limitation. The compiler does not support such constructs, nor will it support them in the near future (written in mid 2018). The alternative is to use the encapping mode when compiling (-e option instead of -c), that will ensure that your code runs through the interpreter, fully preserving the semantics you experience in the REPL.

Additional issues for compiler limitation: #3285 #1748 #1977

Another dynamic limitation example:

Red []
b: [x y]
f: func b [print x + y]
f 3 4

When compiled and executed this code, it doesn't print anything. Use -e (encapped mode)

Function assignment chaining


single?: last?: func [

The way the single? function is defined is not compatible with the compiler. The compiler processes runtime source files specifically to extract function definitions, and currently only recognizes name: func and name: :other-name patterns for defining functions.

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