[NOTES] Compiling with console functions

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To compile a script that uses the input or ask functions, you will need:

  • Red sources

  • Include the following line at the beginning of your script: #include %environment/console/CLI/input.red

  • Compile in release mode using the -r flag


red -r Linux your-red-program.red

red -r Darwin your-red-program.red

red -r MSDOS your-red-program.red

To make print work after compilation on Windows you need the latest build, and must compile with red -t MSDOS your-red-program.red

Compilation table:

MSDOS        : Windows, x86, console (+ GUI) applications
Windows      : Windows, x86, GUI applications
WindowsXP    : Windows, x86, GUI applications, no touch API
Linux        : GNU/Linux, x86
Linux-ARM    : GNU/Linux, ARMv5, armel (soft-float)
RPi          : GNU/Linux, ARMv5, armhf (hard-float)
Darwin       : macOS Intel, console-only applications
macOS        : macOS Intel, applications bundles
Syllable     : Syllable OS, x86
FreeBSD      : FreeBSD, x86
Android      : Android, ARMv5
Android-x86  : Android, x86

Clearing %libRedRT when using -o on the command line

Normally you can just do rebol -qs red.r clear, which clears %libRedRT in the working folder. If you use -o to specify an alternate output dir, e.g., rebol -qs red.r -c -o ../../Code/Red/test ../../Code/Red/test.red, you need to add a path argument to red clear, because %libRedRT is built in the same dir as the executable. Otherwise the exe couldn't find it.

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