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[NOTES] Hex Notation

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Red uses the sytnax shown in for hex integer literals.

The current hex format is a tradeoff, to be sure. We don't want to do it like other langs, as that's not a good fit for Red. Many alternatives have been considered, but no clear winner emerged. It's not likely to cause conflict, unless you call something FACEh or tombstone values as DEADh, but people will surely complain about case sensitivity inconsistency. They will be used much more in Red/System code.

It's a pragmatic tradeoff, but should be considered in cases where code generation or untrusted data are in use. Once we're in RedLand (not too close a neighbor to Redmond), type checking is your friend. That is, if you load a string containing these values, you have to be aware that some values that look like words, at a glance, will load as integers.

It's a nice, and very quiet syntax, but that subtlety has pros and cons. It's yet another design choice, for which there is no perfect solution. Just something to be aware of.



Syntax is temporary

The current hex literal format has always been considered temporary, to cover short-term needs. IIRC, we have proposed a final literal hex format somewhere in one ticket, after many discussions (using 0#prefix).

There's a ticket with the format discussion:

And a trello card on implementing it:

Source: June 23, 2018 6:56 PM

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