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[PROP] Red Enhancement Proposal Template

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#REP XXXX - <Title of the proposal>

REP: <Leave Blank>
Title: <The Title of the proposal>
Author(s): <The real name of the author(s)>
Status: Draft
Date Created: <Leave blank>
Date Last Actioned: <Leave blank>

##Summary <A brief summary of the enhancement and the proposal.>

##Description <A clear, concise description of the change/addition to Red that is being requested.>

##Use Case <An example or examples of how the change/addition would be used if it was implemented.>

##Benefits <An extensive explanation of all the benefits to the Red project supported by the rationale behind each benefit.>

##Consequences <Every enhancement, no matter how beneficial, will have some consequences that will need to be addressed. These range from requiring changes to existing documentation through to breaking all previous code (and probably beyond).>

##Assistance <Details of any assistance the proposer(s) is willing to give to implement the change/addition. This could be in the form of code, written tests, documentation or a donation.>

##Community Support Do not complete until initial draft has been accepted.

The following people support the proposal in its entirety.

Real Name Github Account
<Real Name> <Link to Github Account>

##Debate The purpose of this section is to allow members of the community to succinctly express either (or both) the pros and cons of the proposal. Links to supporting information should be included.

This is not the place for long, discussion related to the proposal. The best place for such discussions would be the Red Mailing List as the conversations can be linked to from the proposal. Such discussions can also be held on Red Gitter Chat though they will not be preserved in such a convenient form as the mailing list.

This section will be curated by the Red Team.

Author: <The real name of the author.>

Date: <The date added to the proposal.>

Point: <The succinct reasons in support of or against the proposal.>

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