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Red System v0.2.0 todo list

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Red/System Todo-list

This section lists all the remaining features to implement to conform to the specification draft:

  • Char! literals as input format for integer! values
  • Bind char! literals to byte! datatype
  • Support pointers literal values
  • Rename string! to c-string!
  • Rename "alias-type" keyword to "alias"
  • Get-word! syntax for getting function address
  • EXIT and RETURN function specific keywords
  • Modulo (//) operator
  • Add byte! datatype
  • Add logic! datatype
  • Add TRUE and FALSE keywords
  • Add NOT operator
  • C-strings indexes syntax and compilation support
  • Structs members read & write access: implemented but broken
  • Pointers /value syntax support
  • Pointer paths with indexes support
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Add c-string variables arithmetic
  • Add struct variables arithmetic
  • Functions call arguments type checking
  • Functions return value type checking
  • Type casting compilation warnings & errors messages
  • Add type inference for functions local variables
  • Check for function's two arguments when infix attribute is present
  • Redefinition attempt check for reserved keywords
  • Add "pointer" as reserved keyword
  • Global variables proper initialization checking (should be initialized before used as argument)
  • Hex values syntax checking
  • Handle all errors in a consistent way
  • Provide a way to write OS-specific code in user programs

Additional low-level features to implement (ordered by priority):

  • cdecl callbacks support
  • Add runtime errors catching
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